More than 500,000 people expected for Christmas by the sea – Caorle Wonderland gets underway

Tomasello: Rinasce il turismo invernale

Events - published on 18 November 2021
Source: PK COMMUNICATION press office
From 4 December to 9 January, rides and food trucks: the third edition of the event takes off.
The organizer, Simone Tomasello: reborn winter tourism in Caorle, dozens of hotels open. More than seventy wooden houses, soon will be revealed the calendar of events. The village
extended by about a kilometre, confirmed the spectacular illuminations, the tower 37 meters high and the Ferris wheel. The novelty is cross-country skiing.
Christmas is back in Caorle. From 4 December to 9 January the town will be dressed up for the third edition of “Caorle Wonderland“, the event that lasts more than a month and that marks the
birth of the winter season for the city. Before Wonderland, in fact, Caorle lived only in summer. After the astonishing success of the second edition (the pre-pandemic one), when about half a
million people passed through, now even the hotels begin to believe in the project: there are about thirty that have joined to allow tourists to stay during Christmas. The library and the Museo del
Mare will also be open (they can be reached by train) and it will also be possible to visit the bell tower.
The calendar of events is full, starting with the lighting of the Christmas tree on 4 December, continuing with the Epiphany bonfire and closing on 9 January with the fireworks. But
these are just some of the events. For Caorle will be a magical month, when they will shine even the huge arc lights installed on the main street, which above the walkway on the red carpet will
offer twice as many lights than last year.
The town will change its face. In the area of Via Salita dei Fiori, “Music Land” will be set up, a space for young people where DJs (the partnership with Stereocittà for live broadcasts is
important) and aperitifs will include rides: the enchanted castle, the roller coaster, and the Star Wars ride.
In Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII there will be a fairy-tale carousel of spinning horses, but also a 3D cinema offering films and even videos that tell the story of the city of Caorle. In this
area there will also be some wooden houses (about seventy in all) and some food trucks (about twenty in all those confirmed along the “Food Land” in Via Roma, with specialties from all over the
world from the “panino col folpo” to Argentinean meat, through the Brazilian, the Roman pinza and piadina Romagnola, but also Sicilian arancini and a special eye for the typical Caorle and fried in
In Campo Bottani there will also be a castle for dogs, managed by the Pet’s Home shop. Here there will be a dog sitting and training service for four-legged friends, an oasis of play and
relaxation for them where their owners will also be able to buy dog harnesses and biscuits.
Piazza Mercato will instead become the theatre for Santa’s house (which will give way to the Befana in due course). Here children will bring their letters and receive candies and gifts.
Nearby there will be wood sculptors composing a nativity scene. And that’s not all: there will be a little house where the official pictures of the event taken by various photographers throughout
the city can be collected.
Between Largo Francesconi and Piazza Pio X, on the other hand, the two towers of this Christmas will stand out. Here will be housed the Star Tower, the 37-metre high tower towering over
the city
, a high altitude panoramic carousel. Lower down, but equally spectacular, is the 15-metre Christmas tree, next to which a stage will be set up to act as a centre of gravity for
solidarity initiatives, songs and magic games, as well as culinary events in connection with schools.
In Campo degli Oriondi area, the presence of the “fake” ice skating rink has been confirmed. The organisers have decided to go green: the skaters will skate with blades on a synthetic
surface, which gives the same sensations as ice (and allows enormous savings in energy consumption as the ice itself does not have to be kept at low temperatures).
Piazza Matteotti, on the other hand, will become the “children’s village” with merry-go-rounds with chains, an adventure course with climbing, a bouncy castle, a small train and a
giant Ferris wheel overlooking the old town centre.
However, the real novelty of the year will be the cross-country skiing track, which will run parallel to the cliff, facing the sea, in Via Roma. This is the first time that the Veneto
coastline will offer the opportunity to try cross-country skiing with the sea in the background – a few hundred metres of track that could also be used for specific training.
The event is organised by Simone Tomasello, who is known in the city as the creator of the Street Food Festival. – Last year we were stopped because of the pandemic, this year we want to
return to experience Christmas in full, but safely, – he says. – The event takes place outdoors, but many of Caorle’s bars and restaurants will be open. We have raised the bar, lengthening
our “Wonderland” by over a kilometre with new attractions and new proposals. It will be an unforgettable Christmas: in past editions we have exceeded half a million visitors, this year we hope to
exceed this figure.

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