More than one hundred thousand “digital boxes” opened by Italian entrepreneurs it is just a great start with still a lot to do. is one year old and invites everybody to open its own digital box

Economy - published on 17 July 2018

Treviso, 13th July 2018. This anniversary is a good result, but it is just the beginning of a cultural revolution able to change Italy and make it digital – says President Pozza -. My
personal wish is that all enterprises “think digital, dream digital” their business.

We must reach the same level of the European, non-EU competitors, the ability of “doing” must therefore be driven through the network, and the network itself has to become the mean for still
making excellence worldwide.

Digitalization is a change gear that each entrepreneur has to do, and the role of the Chambers of Commerce is essential because they are in charge of facilitating and making pervasive such
approach in each company.

I am thinking about the digitalization of the production processes, in the relationships with institutions, in the relations with professionals, in the direct relationship with the suppliers’
network, with banks, with the collaborators themselves for improving the quality of making good business.
Such technologies that we see so far from our daily work – urges Pozza- will be probably implemented soon, with complete confidence.

I am inviting all entrepreneurs of Treviso and Belluno to go to our Treviso, Belluno and Conegliano premises and be accompanied into the digital identity and “open the digital box”, which
allows each entrepreneur to consult the documents about its company everywhere through mobile devices.

The event that we have organized for presenting the digital services and the Digital Enterprise Points had a successful participation and we will organize other events, because the need for
digital is everywhere. Please keep you up to date with our newsletter dedicated to digitalization.

The Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce is among the first Chambers of Commerce with a “digital boxes opening” rate of 3,2% in Treviso and 3,3% in Belluno, equal to 3.432 companies. This is a
good result – says the President – but it is still not much because our objective is to make digital all 104.000 companies of Treviso and Belluno that are in the Business Register.

The “entrepreneur digital box” hosted by the platform “”, it has been developed by InfoCamere on behalf of the Chamber System. Each of the approximately 10 Million entrepreneurs
and company managers of our Country have the possibility to free access, also through smartphone or tablet, official information about their company, easily, quickly and safely.
One hundred thousand are the Italian entrepreneurs that have opened the digital box of their company so far, by accessing the platform

The available documents range from enterprise certification (the company report, translated also in English) to information about bio certifications and legality rating, from the
statute to the balance sheet, to the documentation sent to the Sportello Unico delle Attività Produttive (SUAP) of the Municipality where the
company is located.
Shortly – for those using the free Chambers of Commerce system – also the issued e-invoices.

The platform has been developed following the “mobile first” criterion and the Aigd guidelines, in order to offer an easy and safe experience to each user. It is a real “digital box”,
where the entrepreneur has always available the digital identikit of the company, to easily and intuitively share with partners, customers, suppliers, banks and professionals. But also to send
relevant information to the Public Administration for taking part to tenders (also international ones, since among the available documents there is the company report translated in English).

In order to access it is enough to have the digital identification that allows identifying the citizen-entrepreneur: the SPID (Sistema Pubblico di identità digitale) or the CNS
(Carta Nazionale dei Servizi).

Please visit our offices and book an appointment; the service is free of charge.

Integrated Services for the Enterprise Development – Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce

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