Mountain sustainability in the valuation of the forest heritage

Agrimont 2024 sees the return of the 'Forestry Fair & Festival'.

Events - published on 15 March 2024

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The added value of the mountains compared to the plains is the woodland ecosystem that they make available to everyone. And it is precisely this heritage of plants that will be the protagonist once again at Agrimont, the national exhibition of “sloping” agriculture scheduled at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti on the weekend of 16-17 and 22-23-24 March. Within the exhibition, in fact, “Fiera & Festival delle Foreste” will be staged, a space specifically dedicated to the forestry theme, with a series of in-depth studies on the valorisation of the forest heritage and the sustainability of mountains as providers of ecosystem services.

Speaking of forests, it becomes impossible not to return to the storm that at the end of October 2018 destroyed a large part of the green heritage of the Belluno mountains (also affecting Trentino, Treviso and the Asiago Plateau). The Life Vaia (ValuingAfforestation of damagedwoods with Innovative Agroforestry) project was born precisely out of this destruction, with the aim of recovering forest areas and increasing the ecological, economic and social resilience of forest ecosystems damaged by extreme climatic events.
Life Vaia, present at the fair with a stand, aims to develop an innovative approach based on the application of ‘temporary’ agroforestry measures (15/20 years). This strategy makes it possible to invest in the production of sustainable and low-impact products, increasing biodiversity and the sustainable use of resources.
Veneto Agricoltura will talk about this on Saturday (16 March) at 2.30 p.m. in the Meeting Area. It will be an in-depth discussion that will touch on the theme of climate change, the need for habitat conservation, technological innovations, and agro-forestry techniques to move towards a model of environmental sustainability.

The theme of forests will also become an opportunity to take an in-depth look at land maintenance, a direct consequence of correct agricultural and agro-forestry practices. Again, Veneto Agricoltura will present a focus on sustainable forest management and in particular on the Cansiglio forest, the first to obtain (in 2021) certification for the protection of biodiversity thanks to the identification of indicators and requirements demanded by the PEFC certification standard (conference on Saturday 23 March at 2 pm, Meeting Area).
There will also be space for safety and proper knowledge of equipment and good maintenance practices: chainsaw and cutting courses will be offered on Saturday 16 and Saturday 23 (from 9.30 am to 12 noon) at the Casa Veneto stand.
Also worth highlighting is the activity of the Vellai Agricultural Institute, which in the north area of the fair will animate the first weekend of Agrimont with training for the Forest Olympics, while on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 there will be a simulation of overturning a farm tractor to directly experience and learn rational behaviour that can save lives.

Climatechange and forests will also be the protagonists of the conference ‘Forest heritage and carbon credits’, organised by Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, scheduled for Sunday 17 March at 10.45 a.m. (Meeting Area).

The detailed programme of the Forestry Fair & Festival is available HERE  and the full programme of Agrimont HERE

Longarone,14 March 2024

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