Nadia Zampol is the new Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno

The new councilor has been elected too. Cinzia Bonan now represent the labor unions.

Economy - published on 31 January 2019

Nominated by decree of the Governor Zaia, Nadia Zampol, has been elected by the unanimity of the council. The new Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno,
is from Belluno and she has always been involved in the glasses sector.

I wish her good luck with the work and I give my welcome to the Vice President Nadia Zampol, who will collaborate with me for the next years of presidency. – the President Mario
asserted -.
I’m happy that the counsil has chosen a female representation, expert of Belluno’s territory, her dedication is recognised by the entire associative system. She has the role of Vice President
of the SIPAO section of Confindustria of Belluno – Dolomiti, and she is the counsilor of ANFAO with mandate to internationalization.
I say goodbye to Dr. Paola Ricci and I thank her
for the activity she has been treating during these years in her role of Vice President.
Today the new counsilor of trade unions has been elected too, Cinzia Bonan in place of the outgoing Lorenzon that I thank for his dedication in his role. – the President
Mario Pozza communicated -.

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