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N.09/2023 We are glad to welcome and introduce the new company that has just joined our Community TheCompanies.

Promo - published on 09 August 2023

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti

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Get lost in the magic of the Dolomite mountains, in winter, amid glistening snow-capped peaks with their blinding, vibrant glow, and in summer, amidst the kaleidoscopic flavours and colours of nature at high altitude.
All united by a stay where care and attention for the guest are the watchwords.
This is the experience offered by the Hotel Nigritella, a structure with typical Alpine warmth, in Santa Fosca di Selva di Cadore, at the foot of the Civetta, in one of Cadore’s most evocative and characteristic localities.
Sport, relaxation and wellness at a very short distance from the ski facilities of the Civetta district… an evocative resort where hospitality is a vocation.

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Today we present HOTEL NIGRITELLA registered in the Community TheCompanies on our website.

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