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Everyday Artificial intelligence: the impact of the internet of things iot, Targeted marketing

Events - published on 15 November 2021
Source: press office Municipality of Villorba
Everyday Artificial intelligence: the impact of the internet of things iot, targeted marketing
With the event of the 19th of October, which took place in the conference room of Barchessa di Villa Giovannina (Villorba), the second edition of A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agora
started, organized by BiblioTreviso and Comune di Villorba with the patronage of Regione Veneto, Provincia and Comune di Treviso, ULSS2 Marca Trevigiana, Camera di Commercio di Treviso – Belluno
and Fabrica.
As Luciano Franchin said introducing the meeting with Claudio Dario and Emanuela Girardi, it is necessary to keep thinking and reasoning about Artificial Intelligence, not only
because A.I. permeates the most diverse aspects of our lives, but above all to avoid falling into the error of thinking in a stereotyped vision that prevents us from questioning about a “something”
that has potentially a double soul, both positive and negative.
The choice of starting the second cycle of meetings by talking about health was not accidental. During the Covid 19 pandemic, technologies based on machine learning algorithms applied to the health
field showed how Artificial Intelligence can really help us. Because, as Emanuela Girardi reminded us, these are systems – which must be anthropocentric, that is, which must be used to
improve people’s lives.
It emerged that there is not, and should not be, an Artificial Intelligence linked solely to the optimisation of processes or the analysis of clinical data. According to Claudio Dario, –
Artificial Intelligence could provide useful tools to address increased healthcare needs, and give direction to new working models within the system.
At 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6th (online on A.I.A.’s social channels and in presence at the Auditorium of the Province of Treviso, to which access is mandatory with Green Pass) we will look
at another aspect of A.I., the one closely related to our daily reality. Because Artificial Intelligence is already among us, guiding and orienting industrial and marketing choices and supporting
the creation of new products and new needs.
The meeting entitled DAILY Artificial Intelligence: THE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET ON IOT THINGS, TARGETED MARKETING will see the participation of:
Enrica Monticelli, Director R&D HOME for DeLonghi, member of the advisory board of PITCCH Open Innovation Network.
Paolo Moro, expert in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and founder of
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