Nine days of cycling on the roads of Veneto for Play in the Lane – Tour for Children | Saturday 24 July at 9:00 am

The countdown is on for the Run for Children on 3 September: Gian Luca Sacilotto and Fabio Simionato set off this morning from Piazza dei Signori in Treviso.

Events - published on 26 July 2021
Source: Run for Children press office
(Treviso, 24 July 2021) Nine days cycling on the roads of Veneto: Gian Luca Sacilotto and Fabio Simionato started, on Saturday 24 July, at 9 a.m., from Piazza
dei Signori in Treviso
. The first stage, 148 kilometres, will take them to Ca’ Tiepolo, in the heart of Polesine. Then, through another eight stages, the two cyclists from
Treviso will touch all seven provinces of Veneto.
It is called Tour for Children and it is the initiative, conceived by Sacilotto and Simionato, to launch the countdown to Run for Children, the great running event, open
to all, which on Friday 3 September will return to the heart of Treviso with an important solidarity objective: to raise funds to support the LILT project “Giocare in corsia” (Playing in the
ward). This initiative has already been officially supported by Veneto Region and the Municipality of Treviso.
The volunteers of “Giocare in corsia” have been working since 1994 to bring games to the paediatric wards of the Treviso and Conegliano hospitals. In recent years, the contribution of
Run for Children has been important: in the first three editions, the event organised by Sacilotto, Simionato and Norma Pezzutto collected and entirely donated to “Giocare in corsia” around 40,000
euros, the result of the proceeds of registration. Now, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the pandemic, “Run for Children” is ready to start again, with the declared objective of
bringing at least two thousand runners to the start.
Sacilotto and Simionato, in their own way, are already in the race: Tour for Children will take them to pedal for about 900 kilometres on the roads of Veneto. – We will go without hurry,
enjoying the places of our wonderful region and making the people we meet aware of the important objective of solidarity carried out by Run for Children,” they explained at the start in Piazza dei
Signori, flanked by Alessandro Gava, president of LILT Trevigiana, and by their friend triathlete and cyclist Bernardo Bernardini.
In seven days’ time, on Saturday 31 July, Sacilotto and Simionato will arrive in Cortina d’Ampezzo, from where they will leave on Sunday 1 August to return to
Treviso. And here, once again in Piazza dei Signori, Tour for Children will pass the baton to Run for Children, always keeping the objective of solidarity alive.
Tour for Children: the nine stages
First day
Saturday, 24/7
Treviso – Ca’ Tiepolo (Porto Tolle)
148 km
Second day
Sunday 25/07
Ca’ Tiepolo (Porto Tolle) – Arquà Petrarca
98 km
Third day
Monday 26/07
Arquà Petrarca – Verona.
100 km.
Fourth day
Tuesday 27/07
Verona – Bardolino.
31 km.
Fifth day
Wednesday 28/07
Bardolino – Vicenza.
124 km.
Sixth day
Thursday 29/07
Vicenza – Feltre.
100 km.
Seventh day
Friday 30/07
Feltre – Belluno.
52 km
Eighth day
Saturday 31/07
Belluno – Cortina d’Ampezzo.
82 km
Ninth day
Sunday 01/08
Cortina d’Ampezzo – Treviso.
152 km

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