Notes from the Universe, a music festival promoted by the municipality of Conegliano

Cities: San Pietro di Feletto and Follina, province of Conegliano

Events - published on 13 October 2023

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Conegliano is home to numerous events that enliven the historic centre throughout the year. Amongst the most representative is the Dama Castellana, in June, in which the fascination of ancient contests between knights, ready to compete for damsels and manors, is revived. In August, Calici di Stelle (Goblets of Stars) allows visitors to taste local food and wine specialities. September sees the Coneglianese Autumn, with the Festival of Associations, Painters in the Contrada, the Automobile Expo and the Grape Festival. In December, the historic centre will be enlivened by the characteristic Christmas Market.

Notes from the Universe
San Pietro di Feletto and Follina, Conegliano

Music is a universal art that stirs emotions, uniting people, transcending languages and cultures and tapping into the depths of the soul, creating universal harmony. It is precisely classical music that will create a network uniting different disciplines and amplifying their contents.

The Festival, promoted by the Municipality of Conegliano in collaboration with the municipalities of Follina and San Pietro di Feletto and under the artistic direction of violinist Gisella Curtolo, will have music as a vehicle for emotions, dialogues and reflections on the climate, the cosmos, biophilia, solidarity and peace.



Thursday 5 October, 8.45 p.m. – Aula Magna, Scuola Enologica “G.B. Cerletti”, CONEGLIANO
Musical conversation with climatologist Luca Mercalli and the Festival Ensemble, led by Gisella Curtolo
Music by Debussy, De Falla, Rossini, Vivaldi and Zen
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Friday 6 October, 8.45 pm – Sala dei Battuti, CONEGLIANO
The brotherhood and chamber music, an ancient dialogue with society – Venice Quartet
Music by Mozart, Malipiero and Beethoven
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Saturday 7 October, 11.30 a.m. – Giardini del Castello, CONEGLIANO (in the event of rain Chiostro ex Convento San Francesco)
Aperitif concert and Fabrizio Paoletti’s Strasax Quartet
Music by Gershwin, Morricone, Piazzolla and Rota
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Saturday 7 October, 5 pm – Pieve di San Pietro, SAN PIETRO DI FELETTO
Music at the Pieve and aperitif at sunset with Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca
Music by Bach, Corelli, Caldara and Mozart
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Saturday 7 October, 8.45 p.m. – Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria, FOLLINA
Musical reflections on peace with vocal Ensemble Kairos Vox through a journey in sacred music of the 1500s
Music by Desprez, De Victoria, Gabrieli and Palestrina
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Sunday 8 October, 6.45 a.m. – Castle Gardens, CONEGLIANO
Sunrise string combinations and breakfast in the Castle and Festival Ensemble led by Gisella Curtolo
Music by Bach, Faurè, Mozart, Schubert and Vivaldi
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Sunday 8 October, 5.00 p.m. – Androne di Palazzo Sarcinelli, CONEGLIANO
Musical Dialogues on Gaia with the biologist Giuseppe Barbiero and the musicians of Emotion for Change (Sara Michieletto (violin) and Rene van Helsdingen (piano)
Music from the “Hypermare” album
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Sunday 8 October, 8.45 p.m. – Cloister ex Convento San Francesco, CONEGLIANO
Musical dialogues on the cosmos with astrophysicist Piero Benvenuti and the Festival Ensemble led by Gisella Curtolo
Music by Bach, Glass, Beethoven and Ravel
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Translated by Cecilia Flaccavento
Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites



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