On air on Rai Gulp and RaiPlay the series LEO DA VINCI

In boxset preview on RaiPlay from March 6 and on Rai Gulp from March 13, every day at 12:55 am, the extraordinary adventures of the young Leo da Vinci are back; the series - 52 episodes of 13', directed by Sergio Manfio - is a great international co-production born from Italian creativity

Events - published on 04 March 2021


Source: Gruppo Alcuni press office

Thursday 4th March 2021.
The cartoon series “Leo da Vinci“, conceived by Gruppo Alcuni and co-produced with Rai Ragazzi, directed by Sergio Manfio, is back on RaiPlay and Rai Gulp.
The series is an important international co-production that involves Rai Ragazzi for Italy, HR and KIKA for Germany in addition to the Indian Cosmos Maja and the French All Rights Entertainment.
“Leo da Vinci” enjoys the support of MIBACT, the contribution of the POR FESR 2014-2020 – Action 3.3.2 of the Veneto Region and the collaboration of the Trentino Film Commission.
After premiering on Rai 2 and Rai Gulp 13 episodes of the series “Leo da Vinci” in 2019, to witness its contribution to the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, now the
series will be released in full, simultaneously, both in Italy and Germany.
On RaiPlay from March 6 in preview the boxset and on Rai Gulp from March 13 every day two episodes aired at 12:55 am and replicated at 5:00 pm.
For Gruppo Alcuni, Leo da Vinci is really a great opportunity – says Francesco MANFIO, producer of the series, – both for the extraordinary interest it is getting at Kidscreen,
the international market held in Miami, and because it certifies a great leap in quality for CGI animation made outside the USA. It’s undeniable, in fact, that our Leo has raised the quality
standards, placing himself at the highest level of serial animation.
As a director – continues Sergio MANFIO, – it was extremely stimulating to work with a highly qualified international team, a working group in which everyone: Germans, French,
Indians and, of course, Italians, did their best to contribute to the success of the series. There were a lot of discussions, but all of them were aimed at achieving a very high quality animated
Luca MILANO, Rai Ragazzi Director: – Leo da Vinci is a very well-made, funny and educational series. The fact that it airs simultaneously on Italian and German public TV is a very
important signal and shows how fruitful the collaboration between European TV stations and quality independent producers, such as Gruppo Alcuni, can be.
Patricia VASAPOLLO, Head of Family and Fiction Programs at German broadcaster HR, says: From March 1 ‘Leo da Vinci’ will be aired on KIKA, Germany’s leading public children’s
channel. We at Hessischer Rundfunk are very proud to have co-produced this fantastic animated series. Together with our young viewers, we are looking forward to the adventures of the
extraordinary and brilliant Leo da Vinci. We have been enchanted by the passion and work that the Alcuni Group has put into this series.
Fans of the series will also find in bookstores two books published by Gribaudo:
– The six stories of Leo da Vinci and his inventions, which recounts the imaginative inventions of the young genius and his fellow adventurers Lisa and Lollo;
– Leo da Vinci – All the Adventures, which recounts with beautiful images the episodes in which the young protagonists of the series oppose the evil Pirates and the Conspirator who wants
to drive the Medici out of Florence.
At this link you can download many frames of the cartoon series, images of the main protagonists and the logo of “Leo da Vinci”: https://we.tl/t-OeHC07kBve
The series tells the fascinating story of a fifteen-year-old Leonardo da Vinci, who travels to Florence with his friends Lisa and Lollo to work in Verrocchio’s workshop.
Here he makes friends with Bianca and Lorenzo de’ Medici, whose family is at the center of a conspiracy hatched by a mysterious Florentine Lord in league with some Pirates.
Leo will find himself unwillingly involved in this conspiracy and will have to help his new friend, overcoming all sorts of obstacles and using his extraordinary creativity to use the prototypes
of his ingenious inventions… or designing new ones!

Founded by Sergio Manfio, Francesco Manfio and Laura Fintina in 1973, it is one of the most important European companies in the field of the conception and production of
children’s cartoons.
With a studio for the production of cartoons, a group that deals with the production of television programmes, another that manages theatrical programming, with the creation of the Parco degli
Alberi Parlanti – themed edutainment park for children and families -, with its continuous editorial and musical activity and the creation of apps, Gruppo Alcuni is among the major multimedia
structures for children in Europe.
The company is present with its productions for TV and cinema in 142 countries around the world: from the USA to China, from India to the Middle East. Among the most recent productions are the
series “Mini Cuccioli” (aired daily on Rai YoYo) and the very recent “Leo da Vinci” (aired on Rai Gulp). In 2018, the feature films “Mini Cuccioli – Le Quattro Stagioni” and “Leo da Vinci –
Missione Monna Lisa” were released in theaters.
Among the prestigious collaborations, we still mention the one with UNESCO, from which the project “A drawing for peace and “H2Ooooh!” on the protection of the world water heritage was born.
Together with the United Nations, UNESCO Venice Office and FAO Gruppo Alcuni has co-produced with RaiFiction the series “Leonardo Expo”, which talks in a simple and funny way about food
production/consumption and the themes of EXPO 2015.

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