On Backstage platform the incoming web series A ritmo di Dante about the Supreme Poet interpreted by the students of the Carlo Goldoni Theatre Academy

Paradise, the first episode on air starting Friday 29th January at 6:00 pm

Events - published on 28 January 2021


Source: Teatro Stabile del Veneto press office

Wednesday, 27th January – Seven short films to converse with Dante and explore lesser known places and passages of the Divine Comedy. This is the intent of the theatrical web series A
ritmo di Dante, created by the students of the third year of the Carlo Goldoni Theatre Academy – part of the Veneto TeSeO Model, born from the program agreement between the
Veneto Region and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto in partnership with the Accademia Teatrale Veneta – and curated by Paola Bigatto, on air from Friday, January 29 at 6:00
on the digital platform Backstage of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, with the first
episode Paradise.
This is the first work produced as part of the cultural and artistic project Visions of Dante of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, a program with educational and creative purposes selected by the
National Committee Dante2021 of Mibact for the 700 years since the death of the Great Poet. During 2021, in fact, original content will be produced such as shows, training courses and
in-depth meetings, produced with the intention of opening new perspectives on Dante and his work.
The web series A ritmo di Dante, in addition to exploring widely known themes of the Divine Comedy, wants to highlight, through original and specific studies, some areas of the poem little
practiced by proposing in one case parallelisms and discordances between the work of Dante and the most famous comic book parody of Dante’s Inferno published by the Walt Disney Company, in
another a sensory journey through the smells of Purgatory and in yet another the places and stories that tell of Dante in Venice. Through the work of the young actors-authors, it also wants to
demonstrate how the world of Dante, with its extraordinary richness, can be known and rediscovered through our most heartfelt passions, thanks above all to the seven hundred years of love, study
and reinterpretation of the Divine Comedy. The seven short films of a very heterogeneous nature, are, in fact, accessible to an audience of any generation, starting from secondary school
The first episode, Paradise, available on the Backstage platform, retraces Dante’s
imagination through the places of Paradise: wild dances, lights, the guidance of Justinian and Thomas Aquinas, all accompanied by the figure of Beatrice, with a reinterpretation of cantos VII, X,
XI of Paradise. Interpreting the protagonists of Dante’s poem in this episode are Marinella Melegari, Miriam Tartaglia and the participation of Chiara Pellegrin. Video animation
and sound environments are by Marinella Melegari.
A ritmo di Dante
Curated by Paola Bigatto
Video project by Serena Pea and Michele Tonicello
Photography and video shooting by Serena Pea and Paolo Roberto Santo
Editing Francesca Cutropia and Serena Pea
Sound design Giovanni Frison
Costumes Lauretta Salvagnin
Director’s notes
The students of our school, in keeping with the centuries-old tradition of proximity and relationship between actors and Dante’s poem, have made available their knowledge, their vision of
theater, but also the particular existential moment they are living, to enter into dialogue with Dante. The poem has also provided, given the structure of the verse and the complexity of rhythm
and versification, an excellent technical training for young people. Dante is, as the ancient tradition of Italian theater teaches us, a true master of actors.
Paola Bigatto

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