On Friday 22 October in Padua, the winners of the Top of the Pid Veneto competition will receive their awards.

Events - published on 21 October 2021

Source: Unioncamere del Veneto press office
Next Friday, 22 October, in the “Sala Aria” of the Stanga conference centre, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the award ceremony will be held for the five winning companies of the “Top of the Pid Veneto
2021” award
, organised by Unioncamere Veneto, the PIDs of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce and also supported by the Veneto Region as part of the information programme for small and medium-sized
enterprises in Veneto on regional and EU economic policies for business development.
The initiative will be attended by President Mario Pozza and the Regional Councillor for Productive Activities, Roberto Marcato.
The award has been designed for all those companies that have been able to invest and build innovative projects in the areas of process digitalisation, ecological transition, and an innovative and
concrete approach to territorial development. It is an award for the ability of companies to innovate and meet the challenges of the future. This year’s is the first edition and is unique at
national level, as well as having a symbolic value because the award will go to companies that, despite the health and economic emergency, have not stopped investing in the future
The “Top of the PID VENETO” award is open to all projects by individual companies or groups of companies from the Veneto region that have applied for the national “Top of the PID 2021” award and
are listed in the Company Register of one of the five Chambers of Commerce in the Veneto region: Padua, Treviso-Belluno, Venice-Rovigo, Verona and Vicenza. The participating companies were assessed
by a jury composed of representatives of the PIDs of the Chamber system and the University of Padua – Department of Economic and Business Sciences – “Marco Fanno“.

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