On TV the new pre-school “Mini Pet Pals” series, conceived and created by Gruppo Alcuni – headquarters in Treviso – that brings on screen the prequel of the hit series “Pet Pals”, already distributed in 137 countries worldwide.

Excellent audience ratings since the very first days of programming, with more than 3% share, with 400,000 viewers and more than 25% audience among children up to 7 years.

Economy - published on 02 May 2016


Source: Gruppo Alcuni press office

Here come the “mini pet pals”, the pet pals as you have not yet seen!
Mini Pet Pals (52 x 6′), the new thrilling cartoon series co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni and Rai
, directed by Sergio Manfio, made in 2D and digital animation and dedicated to the youngest children is now on TV. The episodes are broadcast on Rai YoYo (channel 43 of digital terrestrial) and their airing is scheduled 3 times a day in groups of
5 episodes.
The series achieved excellent audience ratings, exceeding the 3% share, with 400,000 viewers and with more than 25% audience among the children up to 7 years.
The prequel of the Pet Pals brings the adventures of the six characters to the stage as you’ve never seen them before: Top Hat still has braces on his teeth, Nameless the chick has just
hatched, Pio the frog still has the tail of a tadpole and even Holly the cat, Moby the dog and Diva the duck are still so small and helpless…
The episodes of the series deal with the theme of emotions and the daily discoveries of young children: joy, friendship, sadness, jealousy, fear, envy, but also the inventiveness and whims of
children, who are well represented by the 6 characters.
Each episode takes place in a playground and ends in a lesson; the indispensable adult figure is represented by a wise tree that intervenes at the beginning and end of each episode and each time
the Mini Pet Pals need help or advice.
Lots of fun and tenderness for a series that will cheer and captivate the young children thanks to the careful choice of music and songs and the 6 different theme songs at the beginning, each
with a different riddle, that the young viewers must solve.

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