On Wednesday 21st April, Unioncamere Veneto organized a webinar on the Integration of Cultural and Creative Components in next-generation Venetian Manufacturing.

Events - published on 22 April 2021


Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office

The ability of companies from different sectors to work as a team. Not just a challenge, but a tool for the growth of the entire economic system that in a logic of contamination can give a
propulsive push to innovation and digitalization.
The webinar The integration of cultural and creative components in next-generation manufacturing in Veneto organized by Unioncamere Veneto for Wednesday, April 21, started from this
awareness. Today, the growth of the cultural and creative industries is not just about the growth of these sectors per se, but increasingly about the integration of cultural and creative skills
into the more traditional manufacturing and service sectors.
A first push to this process came from the explosion of design thinking, and there is a growing awareness that the contribution of cultural and creative competencies can be even more profound
within the process of transformation of manufacturing and services in an era of digitally intensive production.
The meeting was opened by the President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, and coordinated by Pier Luigi Sacco, Senior Advisor of the OECD, and Mario Volpe of the University
of Venice Ca’ Foscari. After the speeches, some testimonials followed, such as those of Cristiano Seganfreddo, Premio Marzotto, Vicenza; Giovanni Bonotto, Bonotto spa, Molvena;
Michela Magas, Industry Commons, London and the illustration of the Crossinno Project (Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce) and the InduCCI Project (Padua Chamber of

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