One hundred students from Belluno challenge themselves with the Young Industrialists ‘Business Game’: awards ceremony in Confindustria

Anselmi and Stevanin: "By simulating life in the company we give our young people new skills and stimuli"

Promo - published on 23 April 2024

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti

Belluno, 19 April 2024 – Teamwork, linguistic and technical skills, and vision: more than a hundred students from Belluno put themselves to the test with the fourth edition of the ‘Business Game’ promoted by the Gruppo Giovani di Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti (Belluno Dolomites Young People’s Association).

The best projects were awarded in the afternoon in the Sala Barchessa of Villa Doglioni Dalmas.

It was a record-breaking edition, which once again demonstrates the curiosity of the new generations and their desire to try their hand at new challenges,” says Luca Anselmi, president of the Gruppo Giovani, which, for the fourth consecutive year, has made available to schools the updated licence of the educational game, produced by a Norwegian company and used in the world’s most prestigious institutes.

The ‘Business game’ – aimed at developing business culture and entrepreneurship – projects the participants into a future scenario, transforming them into real entrepreneurs in the jetpack market (the propulsion-powered backpacks that would allow people to fly). Divided into work groups, the girls and boys developed their work as if they were in a company, from market analysis to research and development, passing through production, budget, marketing and finance.

The one hundred young people – who took part in the ‘game’ – come from the Segato-Brustolon, Calvi, Catullo and Liceo Renier institutes: following them step by step was Mattia Stevanin, councillor of the Gruppo Giovani, alongside Barbara Bortot on behalf of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti.

“We are convinced that bringing young people – even through a simulation – inside the management of a company is an added value,” says Mattia Stevanin. “In this way, students can experience first-hand the activities and processes they will encounter once they enter the world of work, regardless of what their choice will be. In this way we create new skills and new stimuli. The enthusiastic response of the participants pushes us forward,’ Stevanin concludes.

‘This is not pure fantasy: with this initiative we want to provoke the manufacturing imagination of the future,’ adds Anselmi. “We are experiencing very fast transitions that force us to continuously innovate and update: it is a great challenge in which young people must be able to make a difference.

The winner of the 2024 edition was the Pegasus Group from 4AIA of the Iss Segato-Brustolon, composed of Chiara Carratto, Lorenzo Canova and Riccardo Zandegiacomo; silver medal for the Icarus Group from 4BIA of the Segato-Brustolon with Jacopo Mariano, Luan Carlos Barbieri and Patrick Teston
Third place went to the Icarus Group from 4AES of Liceo Renier with Davide Nogaré, Giada Viel and Liu Simona.

All of them – from 15 February to 14 March – developed their projects working mainly during extra-curricular hours: the entries were entirely in English.

Shopping vouchers of between EUR 50 and EUR 150 were distributed to the prize-winning groups.

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