Online conference and virtual tour of the Carlo Scarpa Prize exhibition Güllüdere and Kızılçukur: the Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia | May 6-7

Thursday, May 6 at 6:00 pm the presentation of the virtual tour; Friday, May 7 from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm the public meeting

Events - published on 04 May 2021

Source: Benetton Foundation Research Centre press office

The public events dedicated to the XXXI edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for the Garden, the Prize for a place organized by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche and dedicated, in
this exceptionally biennial edition, to Güllüdere and Kızılçukur: the Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia, continue during the month of May.
The program includes a public conference on the place at the center of the Prize’s campaign of attention and a virtual visit to the exhibition Cappadocia. The landscape in the lap of
the rock.
The public ceremony of delivery of the seal designed by Carlo Scarpa, symbol of the Prize, traditionally scheduled in May, will take place instead on Friday, July 9, in order to
allow, hopefully, the holding of the event in presence.
On Thursday 6 May at 6 p.m., on the Zoom platform, a meeting is scheduled to present the virtual tour of the Carlo Scarpa Prize exhibition, Cappadocia. The landscape in
the lap of the rock.
The curators, Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini, will guide the public on a virtual tour of the exhibition rooms of Ca’ Scarpa, in Treviso.
A journey created in collaboration with Fabrica, through which it will be possible to visit the exhibition with a 360-degree view, allowing visitors to enjoy the contents of the exhibition thanks
to high-definition images, and to explore certain themes by choosing to consult some “additional materials”, such as short interviews and the full version of some of the texts published in the
collective volume Güllüdere e Kızılçukur: la Valle delle Rose e la Valle Rossa in Cappadocia (Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga, Treviso 2020).
The first three sections of the exhibition speak to visitors mainly thanks to the photographic documentation created for the Foundation by Marco Zanin (Fabrica) and the Mission of the
University of Tuscia, while the fourth section presents a cinematic documentary narration, with the screening of the film produced by the Foundation Güllüdere e Kızılçukur: la Valle delle Rose
e la Valle Rossa in Cappadocia, directed by Davide Gambino, in collaboration with Gabriele Gismondi, a documentary of which, in this “virtual journey”, the trailer is available.
The route also allows visitors to discover Ca’ Scarpa, the ancient Church of Santa Maria Nova, a new exhibition and cultural space in Treviso, restored at the behest of Luciano Benetton
and designed by Tobia Scarpa.
The exhibition can actually be visited starting from Thursday, April 29, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Reservations are required for weekend visits by 5:00
pm on the preceding Friday (T 0422 5121). Free admission.
On Friday, May 7, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the public conference dedicated to Güllüdere and Kızılçukur: the Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia will be held on the
Zoom platform (and live on Facebook). The meeting is an opportunity to learn more about the cultural and natural peculiarities of the context from which emerge the two valleys in the center of
the campaign of the Prize, which show us the extent and the deep and lasting value of a landscape in constant change, in which the forms of human settlement and the geological nature of the soil
preserve the signs of an ancient way of living mainly rocky, in balance between the different manifestations of nature and the different cultures that cross it in the succession of centuries,
until today.
A further and different opportunity for in-depth study, addressed not only to specialists in the professions and landscape studies but also to the world of education and in general to all those
interested in the culture of places, after the cycle of meetings organized on specific topics in December and January last year, the collective volume published in October, the documentary film
and the exhibition set up in the headquarters of Ca’ Scarpa.
Conference program
Introduction and coordination by Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini
> 3:00 pm -5:30 pm, first session
Maria Andaloro, art historian, director of the Mission of the University of Tuscia in Cappadocia: Güllüdere and Kizilçukur. Among cones, inhabited rocks, painted churches
Gino Mirocle Crisci, geologist, professor at the University of Calabria: The geological nature of the Cappadocian landscape
Murat Ertuğrul Gülyaz, archaeologist and photographer, Archaeological Museum of Nevşehir, Cappadocia: The Cappadocia rock heritage and its image in the local and international
Aslı Özbay, architect, Uçhisar, Cappadocia: Civil architecture in Cappadocia: safeguarding and inhabiting ancient excavated places
> 6:00 pm -7:00 pm, second session
Fabio Salomoni, sociologist, researcher at KoçUniversity of Istanbul: Cappadocia in the Anatolian Plateau: spaces and times in movement
Monique Mosser, historian of art, architecture and gardens, CNRS, Centre André Chastel, Paris: World Heritage and museification in the age of mass tourism, in times of pandemic
Discussion and conclusions
The meetings will take place on the Zoom platform.
Registration through the link published on the Foundation’s social channels and website:
The public meeting of May 7 will be held with simultaneous translation in Italian and English. The members of the Order of Agronomists and the Order of Architects, who will apply
through and thanks to the patronage offered by the orders of the province of Treviso, will be recognized training credits for participation in the conference.
The activities of the Carlo Scarpa Award are planned by the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, under the coordination of Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini.
Scientific Committee:
Luigi Latini, architect, University Iuav, Venice (chairman); Giuseppe Barbera, agronomist, University of Palermo; Hervé Brunon, garden historian, CNRS, Centre André
Chastel, Paris; Thilo Folkerts, 100Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin; Anna Lambertini, architect, landscape architect, University of Florence; Monique Mosser, art historian,
School of Architecture, Versailles; Joan Nogué, geographer, University of Girona; José Tito Rojo, botanist, University of Granada.
Honorary members are: Carmen Añón, landscape architect, University of Madrid; Domenico Luciani, architect, director of the Benetton Foundation from 1987 to 2009, creator and head of
the Carlo Scarpa Prize from 1990 to 2014. Participating in the work of the committee are the coordinators of the Foundation’s research areas: Patrizia Boschiero (editions), Francesca
(documentation center), Massimo Rossi (cartoteca), Simonetta Zanon (laboratories/projects for the landscape).
The Carlo Scarpa International Garden Prize is a cultural initiative under the patronage of: UNISCAPE; Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism; Veneto Region; City of Treviso.

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