“Orgoglio Coldiretti” in Conegliano: in great crowds to say “Beware of Imitations”

A long list of projects and battles. Now stop to prices that don't even cover costs: sold out attendance of farmers and managers from the territories of Valdobbiadene, Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano.

Economy - published on 19 February 2024


Fonte: ufficio stampa Coldiretti Treviso

So many people came to say Beware of imitations and above all to take the mobilisation called the “Orgoglio Coldiretti” (“Coldiretti Proud”). Yesterday evening in Conegliano, the Aula Magna of the University was packed, demonstrating the great compactness of the Coldiretti agricultural world, capable of analysis and vision to reiterate that the Europe we do not want in Brussels. The mobilisation called “Orgoglio Coldiretti” last night resounded at the second meeting of five involving the agricultural enterprises of the Marca trevigiana, and more precisely the leaders of the most representative organisation of the agricultural world. A mobilisation underway to oppose the madness of the European Union to the detriment of our enterprises and to guarantee adequate prices for farms. As many as two hundred agricultural entrepreneurs arrived at the provincial headquarters in Paese to take stock of a mobilisation that is necessary to re-establish the truth about who is really taking the field for the interests of farmers and to emphasise how it is necessary at this time to be wary of imitations. Welcoming the leaders was the president of Coldiretti Treviso Giorgio Polegato, together with director Giuseppe Satalino, as well as the presidents of Vittorio Veneto, Gianni Dam, and Valdobbiadene president Fabio Piccolin.

On the occasion, the ongoing battles of a Coldiretti that is never tame in the face of the numerous problems in the sector were presented.

On a national level

  1. ensure a ban on selling below production costs and increase controls on unfair practices: never again below production costs we are mobilising to defend companies against unfair practices. We have started with Lactalis. But we are ready to act on all supply chains. On the ground we have to collect alerts from members for complaints.
  2. moratorium on farm credit
  3. Rising interest rates and inflation are affecting farms. Action is needed to defend business income, starting with a moratorium on debts.
  4. stop ground-mounted photovoltaics: the environment ministry’s decree on suitable areas is needed immediately to stop speculation on our land to put photovoltaic panels on the ground
  5. wildlife depopulation: more needs to be done at all levels. Depopulation of wild boars and other species that are damaging our production. Farmers have the right to defend their land
  6. improve the CAP in Italy: after the first year of application, we need to simplify the national strategic plan and correct the choices that have penalised businesses. Thanks to col diretti a technical group was created at the ministry with the organisations that met on 2 February and started the revision work.
  7. agricultural emergencies – immediate implementing decree: an immediate first allocation is needed for sectors in crisis, starting with pears using the budget law’s emergency fund.
  8. subsidised insurance – immediate payments to companies: On the strong proposal of coldiretti, Minister Lollobrigida gave an important response on insurance, with over 230 million euro for the years 2022 and 2023. Now 2023 must be paid immediately.
  9. agricultural labour – contain indirect costs and reduce bureaucracy containment of indirect labour costs in line with our competitors such as France and spain. Reducing bureaucracy in labour relations. Speeding up the procedures for issuing entry visas by Italian consulates abroad for seasonal agricultural workers under the flows decree.

Fisheries. Increase resources for farms damaged by blue crab and revision of sickness allowance for fishermen to 75%. No to the reduction of fishing days and fishing zones for trawling and others.

Regions – we need to release funds and laws for farmers in every region and we need to unblock funds, cut red tape and give concrete answers in favour of our members.
For example: regional wildlife containment plans, starting with wild boars, implementing the amendment of the hunting law obtained with the 2023 budget law. Regional co-financing of subsidised insurance. With EUR 5 million per region we could continue to guarantee 70 per cent facilitation.



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