Pedagogical Cafés 2021-22

Treviso Campus Innovation Café

Events - published on 13 October 2021
Source: Caffè Pedagogici press office – Ca’ Foscari University Venice
Sustainable For All

Empowerment, development of talents and contexts
Friday 15 October 2021 at 16:30, Aula Magna Palazzo San Leonardo, Riviera Garibaldi13/E Treviso
16:30 Institutional Greetings
Prof. Stefano Soriani – Director of the Treviso Campus
Prof.ssa Tiziana Lipiello – Magnificent Rector of Ca’ Foscari University Venice
Mario Conte – Mayor of the city of Treviso
16:50 Innovation cafés at Treviso Campus
Prof.ssa Ivana Padoan – Ca’ Foscari University Venice – CESTUDIR Centre
17:00 Empowerment, development of talents and contexts
Valentina Cremona
17:30 My journey from independent researcher to Global Fellow
Caterina Borelli – MSCA Fellow
17:50 Closing remarks by Ivana Padoan, Ca’ Foscari University Venice

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