PLAT4Food: organic to develop trade in Eastern European markets

New European project for SMEs in the bio-food sector launched. Biofood platform, promotional events and study visits between Italy and Georgia

Events - published on 04 November 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
Venice, 3 November 2021 | The bio-food sector as a driving force for commercial expansion in Eastern European countries. Officially launched the PLAT4Food project, financed within the
framework of EU4Business – a liaison company managed by Eurochambres -, which aims to design and launch operational tools and services to support SMEs operating in the organic food sector in the
European Union and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine).
The project, started in October 2021 and running until February 2022, will be implemented by the operational consortium composed of the lead partner Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa
(Bulgaria), Unioncamere Veneto, Development Organisation of the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector of Moldova (ODIMM), Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia (GITA).
The objective is to support the business development of the bio-food sector through the definition and development of innovative tools and specific operational services for SMEs from the
European Union and the Eastern Partnership
. To do so, PLAT4Food will make use of a promotional platform dedicated to Biofood, a joint marketing plan and promotional events in the territories
The project will support SMEs to develop new commercial actions on international markets and to implement exports. The project also foresees the realisation of two study visits in Italy (in
November 2021) and in Georgia (in December) to offer moments of confrontation with producers, supply chain and biofood companies. The exchanges between entrepreneurs will be aimed at supporting
SMEs in finding business partnerships and international cooperation with producers, suppliers and distributors to develop collaborations. The project will involve the bio-food supply chains (fresh
fruit and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish products, milk, wine, oil).
As confirmed in a recent report by the European Commission, SMEs are not only crucial for sustainable economic development but also an important factor for the consolidation of open societies. In
Europe, SMEs represent more than 95% of private enterprises and play an important role as key drivers for further economic growth and employment. The PLAT4Food project is related to organic/organic
food, which is a very important sector in the European Union, EU4Business members stressed.

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