Polegato: “Coldiretti’s action is fundamental and irreplaceable”

Milleproroghe: Coldiretti's proposals for agriculture.

Economy - published on 19 January 2024


Source: press office Coldiretti Treviso

We need the approval of amendment proposals within the “Milleproroghe”.

This is what Coldiretti Treviso also confirms in reference to the hearing of the Joint Committees on Constitutional Affairs and Budget of the Chamber on the bill converting the “milleproroghe” decree-law for 2024.

Coldiretti has called for the approval of amendments that, first of all, recover provisions already provided in the “milleproroghe” for 2023 such as the reduced excise tax for small breweries also for 2024, as well as the extension of the scope of operation of the extension for the revision of agricultural machinery.

The action of national Coldiretti is fundamental and above all a constant protection of the interests of our agricultural enterprises in order to remain competitive and above all to maintain the quality they express. If this was not the case, consumers would also pay with the invasion on their tables of products of dubious origin and productionGiorgio Polegato, president of Coldiretti Treviso, stresses – Coldiretti expresses the utmost attention towards future generations and especially on the safeguarding of Made in Italy, which is the best guarantee towards our future and, I repeat, the world of consumers.

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