Ports of Venice and Chioggia, the strategic plan for the development of the Veneto Port System presented to Unioncamere del Veneto

The Presidents of ADSPMAS and UCV, Di Blasio and Pozza: ready to work as a team to face the challenges of the future

Economy - published on 22 April 2022

Source: Unioncamere del Veneto press office
Venice, 21 April – This morning, at the headquarters of the North Adriatic Sea Port System Authority, a meeting was held between the members of the Veneto Unioncamere Board, the
President of the Venice and Chioggia Ports System Authority, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, and the Secretary General of the Authority, Antonella Scardino.
The meeting focused on the strategic lines of development of the Veneto port system outlined in the 22-24 Three-Year Operational Plan, the effects on the regional context, future
opportunities and possible synergies with the territory.
In particular, after showing the data relating to the overall trend of traffic in 2021, which saw a recovery of + 7.9% with over 24,204. 000 total tons of traffic, the dynamics for sectors, with
the solid bulk to drive the growth and in particular the iron and steel one that has recorded the best performances, and the macro trends logistic and maritime today conditioned by the economic and
maritime scenario evidencing the main drivers of market for the Venetian ports, the Authority has introduced the objectives to achieve in the next three years already identified in the POT: the
adoption of a new operational model for the Authority, the regeneration of the Port System, the energy transition of the Port Cluster, the maximisation of Port Safety and Security and the
enhancement of the City-Port relationship.
Finally, the Authority showed the investment plans and interventions that will lead the Veneto ports to become hubs for the production and distribution of energy from renewable sources and railway
hubs, thanks, in particular, to the construction of the intermodal platform in the southern part of the Montesyndial area and the development of the railway infrastructure, the last mile rail and
road system.
The President of AdSPMAS, Mr Di Blasio, commented on the meeting with the Veneto Chamber system: I am sure that what we have undertaken today represents the beginning of a path of
cooperation for the realisation of synergic actions at the service of the territory. We aim to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the Veneto port system, thanks also to the development
of the logistics function, of the FTZ and of services to goods with high added value, certain that this can guarantee the establishment of new industrial realities, new terminal operators and the
development of sectors not directly related to the port. These are all actions that have met with a broad consensus of intentions and that will see us committed to pursuing a single objective, that
of being at the service of the productive fabric, especially in a peculiar historical moment such as the one we are currently experiencing.
The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mr. Pozza said: This meeting stems from the desire to build synergies, common projects and initiatives with the Port of Venice and Chioggia,
which plays a strategic role for the economic system of our territory. There are several themes shared today, from investments in infrastructure to the importance of the ZSL, which the Venice
Chamber of Commerce has always supported with conviction and resources. It is also essential to work as a team to tackle the delicate phase we are going through, with the negative effects of the
Covid and the consequences of the war weighing heavily on our economy. The task of the Chamber system is to promote the economy, and constant and continuous dialogue with other institutions is the
most effective way to achieve important results for our businesses. Today’s meeting is not a point of arrival, but a starting point, and in fact other meetings will follow to deepen the synergies
that can be put in place, also by using the planning and technical skills that the Chamber system has within it.

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