Pozza: an itinerary of culture, history, landscapes and tastes for the Mirabilia delegation enchanted by the light of Canova in the homeland that celebrates the great sculptor

Bringing the territory to life in a replicable itinerary for tourists from all over the world in a pleasant sequence designed to enchant

Economy - published on 28 May 2022

Source: press office presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti
Mirabilia – Sunday 29 May 2022
Treviso, 29 May – It was a total immersion in the places of culture, history, great names and typical products of our reality that was shown to the delegations of the international event
Veneto hosts Mirabilia the European network of Unesco sites: “Sustainability: an element of competitiveness?”
We accompanied the delegation to the beautiful city of art of Treviso, welcomed by the Mayor Mario Conte in the hall of Palazzo dei 300.
I would like to thank the mayor for making the guests feel ‘at home’ and for conveying the kindness of welcome that is recognised by all – commented Mario Pozza, President of the
Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere Veneto.
Treviso is a source of pride for us, and that is why we are particularly happy to host the delegation of Mirabilia – emphasises the Mayor of Treviso Mario Conte. The artistic,
architectural and in terms of experiential tourism heritage of our city is intended to be the perfect synthesis of the marvels of the Marca, from Unesco sites to cultural venues. I would
like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and its President Mario Pozza for this important showcase of the artistic and enogastronomic excellence of our territory, which makes Treviso a
destination to be experienced with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as the many tourists who are populating the streets and squares of the capital.
Not only moments of art, but also moments ‘of art at the table’ at the Confraternity of Valdobbiadene, which since 1946 has been watching over, promoting and witnessing the product that
characterises the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene area, understood not only as wine but also as history, roots and the work of man. Every year, after a scrupulous tasting, the bottle of Valdobbiadene
sparkling wine symbol of the Confraternity of Valdobbiadene is selected.
In the afternoon, the great moment of the visit to Possagno, where the Director of the Antonio Canova Gypsotheca Museum, Moira Mascotto, welcomed the delegation and led the guests on
an immersive tour of the life and work of the great sculptor Antonio Canova, with a visit to the house where he was born, the Canova works with their plaster originals, and a visit to the
temple where the hand of the sculptor, a neoclassical genius, is preserved.
Antonio Canova, the greatest sculptor of Neoclassicism, was celebrated by his contemporaries as the new Phidias for having achieved in his art that perfect balance between ideal beauty and
natural beauty, – points out Director Moira Mascotto.
The Museum of Possagno, the town where he was born, preserves his historical and artistic memory by preserving and enhancing the world-famous works that continue to enchant and excite. It is a
pleasure to welcome Mirabilia and share so much beauty and high historical value with the Delegation.

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