Pozza gathers the representatives of Treviso and Belluno tourism for a successful hospitality in view of Cortina 2021 and 2026 olympic games.

Firm intention to give an effective answer to an entrepreneurial system that wants to be the lead of hospitality.

Economy - published on 14 March 2018


Important meeting between the representative of Belluno and Treviso hoteliers, invited by the Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza, in order to evaluate the best cooperation
strategies able to respond promptly to the current tourism needs in view of the next Alpine Ski World Championships in Cortina 2021.

There were Bruno Zago President of Cortina-Asiago Airport, Gherardo Manaigo Vice President of DMO of Belluno and President of Belluno Dolomites Tourism District,
Giovanni Cher President of Treviso Hoteliers Group, Tiziano Simonato Vice President Confidustria Veneto-Tourism with delegation for conference tourism, handler for
tourism-Unindustria Treviso and Renzo Chervatin Unicredit General Manager.

The objective of this first meeting – says President Pozza – is planning a common action strategy collecting all inputs and intake capacities that both territories can
put in place and be protagonists of hospitality. It is now emerging a new way to be a tourist, and institutions must seize the changes and sustain new answers, in order to make territories
attractive by offering services like the airport that eases income and loyalty flows.
At the meeting – continues Pozza – I wanted also the presence of the bank system, because hoteliers cannot be left alone in investing in their accommodation facilities. Veneto Region is doing a
lot by means of dedicated calls, but the effort is so strong to require a credit line looking at the future of the territory.
This was a first exploratory and get in touch meeting – concludes the President – trusting in a forthcoming operational kick-off. As Unioncamere Veneto and Treviso-Belluno Chamber of
Commerce President, I will put my effort to work on national and international relationships, in order to support the promotion of territories and their accommodation offer.

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