Pozza: the chamber of commerce system can play an important role in bringing NRP resources to the ground, in particular, by supporting institutions in meeting the tight deadlines that Europe requires.

PNRR, Unioncamere Veneto alongside businesses and institutions to promote the positive impact of resources on the territory

Economy - published on 26 January 2022

Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
Unioncamere Veneto is working alongside the entrepreneurial system and local and central institutions to bring the resources of the NRP ashore. Thanks to its competences and its territorial
roots, the Chambers of Commerce System is a key player in promoting the development and implementation of the projects, as established by the “Decreto Legge 152 of 6 November 2021 –
Disposizioni urgenti per l’attuazione del Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza e per la prevenzione delle infiltrazioni mafiose
” (Decree Law 152 of 6 November 2021 – Urgent provisions for
the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and for the prevention of mafia infiltration), which identifies the Chambers of Commerce as the body that local authorities can use
to ensure the effective and timely implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan interventions.
The NRP represents a great opportunity for the development of the entire economic system, especially in a region like Veneto where 9% of EU funds will arrive in the areas of digitalisation,
infrastructure, innovation, competitiveness and culture, to name but a few.
The Veneto Chamber System in its territorial branches has vertical competences in the reference areas of the NRP that can be made available to the Region and the Municipalities in the
construction and implementation of projects, thus contributing to the development of the territory as a system. A collaboration model that has been tried and tested in Veneto, as confirmed by the
management entrusted by the Region, in recent months, to Unioncamere del Veneto of the calls for tenders for relief to deal with the economic emergency caused by Covid19.
The success of the PNRR and its timely implementation are essential to trigger a new start. To do so, it is necessary to involve the local economic fabric, the vast majority of which are
excellent micro and small enterprises, and are extremely articulated at sectoral and territorial level. And, above all, we need the joint commitment of institutions and the business world, an
extraordinary action to collaborate in Italy’s recovery. This is a priority programmatic point for the national chamber system, but also for Unioncamere Veneto, which has included it among
the projects for the future that represent the objectives to be achieved in the coming years.
The President of Unioncamere del Veneto, Mario Pozza, commented positively on the approval of the measure: – the Chamber System can play an important role in bringing the resources of the
NRP to the ground, in particular, by supporting the institutions in respecting the stringent deadlines that Europe requires. With this measure we can become the operational arm of the Region and
local authorities in the distribution of funds. In recent months we have shown that we know how to work as a team with the Region, and we have all the credentials to do so on the funds of the NRP.
The involvement of local authorities and stakeholders is the most effective way to ensure that the funds of the NRP allow the restart and growth of our economic system.

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