Pozza: the institutions’ best wishes for networking in an area that must be ready for the 2026 Olympic Games

Hopes for the future and pride in the award received from the Olympic Committee

Events - published on 22 December 2021

Treviso, 17 December 2021. The President of the Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce met representatives of Belluno’s institutions to share, in the presence of the press, the
institutions’ best wishes.
Present were the Bishop, the Prefect, the Deputy Mayor of Belluno, the President of the Province, Padrin, and the Commanders of the Carabinieri and the Finance Police.
The event began with the presentation of the 2021 Chamber activities video and the video – Sulle alile della Camera – winner of the Beijing special mention.
We can say that it was a year of satisfaction for the economy after all, except for the tourism sector which suffered more than others due to the closures imposed by Covid, – explained
President Mario Pozza. – Everyone, from the captain of industry to the small craft businesses, has worked to make the area grow, and it is proving to be dynamic.
The President then stressed his satisfaction with the award received by
for the video “On the Wings of the Chamber: where talent is at home”, which shows the entrepreneurial excellence and beauty of the territory. The video, which won an honourable mention at
the Beijing Festival, was presented at a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador in Rome, on the occasion of his visit to Cortina and Treviso.
The reflection of the Bishop of Belluno-Feltre, Renato Marangoni, focused on the words Beauty and Enterprise, as provocative and stimulating terms that characterise the territory. The
hope is that this will be the vision of how businesses and institutions operate.
The end-of-year greetings event was held partly in person and partly online, and was attended by the President of the Province, Roberto Padrin, who was connected to the event on his return
from his meeting with Pope Francis and President Mattarella – I hope that we can all find a unique strength, because never before have we had the right opportunities and resources to relaunch
our territory as never before. I am thinking of the Pnrr, the Olympics, but also the border funds that we are defining.
President Pozza then concluded by asking for a gift under the tree – material and immaterial links. Plus unity of intent.

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