Pozza: to the mayors I reiterate the support of the Chamber of Commerce

In the delicate phase of restarting the institutions close with the free SUAP

Promo - published on 06 October 2021

Source: presidency press office of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Treviso, 05 October 2021. A mayor is the figure closest to the everyday life of citizens, to their needs, almost as if he or she knows the most significant events that characterise a life
made up of family stories, work and professional activities. In practice, a mayor knows what ‘air is blowing in the city’,” commented Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce
of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti.
My best wishes go out to all the newly elected, confirmed and runoff mayors, and with it I reiterate the full support of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti, in its
initiatives, but especially in this delicate phase of restart, with a proximity to the digital transaction represented also by the Free SUAP (Single Contact Point for Productive Activities).
Activating digital alliances between businesses, Trade Associations, Professionals and the Public Administration is the next frontier to facilitate the quality of life of citizens in
simplifying relations with the Public Administration. Bureaucracy is the ball and chain of our country, it is costly and wasteful and still creates a lot of economic damage.
With the municipalities that adhere to the free Suap of the Chambers of Commerce, the digital dialogue with the institutions is active, facilitating businesses and making documents immediately
available to the entrepreneur within reach of the Smartphone. The competitiveness of our community is growing and making it easier to do business.

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