Pozza: why do we need to believe in sport for international relations?

Ascani: 'Sport'. It is a word that is pronounced and spelled in the same way in all the world's languages and that promotes and integrates economies on a universal level.

Economy - published on 18 August 2022

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Treviso, 18 August 2022 – We are all witnesses: sport is a ground for culture, dialogue, friendship – says Prof. Franco Ascani, IOC Culture Commission Member and FICTS President.
“Tutti insieme appassionatamente”: Sport unites, sport educates to tolerance, respect for the rules and the opponent. Breaking down all barriers: The message of sport is a fundamental tool for
the growth of young people and a valid indicator of ethical behaviour.The confrontation with the celebration that characterises, for example, an international sporting event becomes a source of
growth for the young person: learning about other peoples, other cultures, the discovery of differences that are only virtual (skin colour, religion, language disappear! ) find rich humus in the
soul of the young person, of different cultures and origins, who reciprocates by offering his desire to learn, his willingness to give, his freedom from preconceptions. Olympism, as described in
the first seven Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter is “a philosophy of life that places sport at the service of humanity, for the building of a peaceful and better world. Olympism
exalts and combines in a harmonious whole the qualities of body, will and spirit’. Sport and Culture – Prof. Ascani concludes – instruments for the affirmation of human dignity on
the world stage, will always win and allow an increasing number of people of all ages to live and share its values and to be spokesmen of the changing Society.
As an expression of this successful dialogue with the world, we have it right here, where the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held – says Mario Pozza, President of the
Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti – where the Montebelluna Sportsystem district and the Belluno Eyewear district are historically projected onto foreign markets and
major players in sport at the highest level of quality. In the year 2021, exports of eyewear-related products were close to EUR 3 billion (3.3% above the pre-candidate values of
2019). In 2021, foreign sales of footwear and sporting goods amounted to almost EUR 1.4 billion with a rebound of +14% over 2020 after the inevitable slowdown imposed by the
pandemic. When we talk about internationalisation, we must also think of the professional skills that support it, which must be able to convey to customers all over the world those contents that
sustain our brand reputation and that basically revolve around four dimensions: performance (even extreme), materials (with all the research that goes behind it), safety, design technology and
emotion. Capacity in relationships and strength in agreements that create solid business architectures. The ideas of industrial ingenuity of our businessmen and women are always accompanied by
the work of collaborators with specific knowledge such as planners, prototypists, designers, in close interaction with the work of salesmen, marketing technicians and social media managers. More
than 150 such technicians will be hired in the district’s core activities in 2021 alone. A fine indication for the new generations who want to help promote the values, not only economic, of the
Sportsystem and Eyewear in the world.
Sport has always been the emblem of the society, economy and culture of peoples – comments the Professor of the Ca’ Foscari University Venice School of Economics, Prof. Alessandro
It is the place where lives, aspirations, visions of the future meet and confront each other, growing together. Sport is an enabler, an engine of development and social ascension,
it shapes the behaviour of athletes as much as that of all the actors in the chain that enables the creation of the structures and organisation of major events. The direct, indirect and induced
effect of Olympism is significant, but what differentiates it from other events is that it generates lasting repercussions over time. In other words, sport is not only competition, but also
restitution, for future generations, and commitment for present ones.
Export District Sportsystem
In the year 2021 exports of eyewear-related products were close to 3 billion euros (3.3% higher than the pre-Brexit values of 2019). Belluno’s exports of eyewear represent 39% of the
sector’s national exports and 65% of them are concentrated in post-Brexit non-EU markets
. The United States is confirmed as the main outlet market with over one billion euros in sales. It is
followed, in terms of value, by France (312 million), Germany (199 million), the United Kingdom (almost 176 million), China and Hong Kong (154 million) and Spain (almost 147 million).
In 2021, foreign sales of footwear and sporting goods amounted to almost EUR 1.4 billion, 9.3% of total provincial exports, with a rebound of +14% over 2020 after the inevitable slowdown
imposed by the pandemic. 69% of exports go to EU27 markets, 31% to non-EU markets, net of foreign-to-foreign sales flows, which are not captured by national trade statistics.
In intra-EU markets, 2021 exports have not yet been able to match the results achieved in 2019, pre-Covid: in fact, about EUR 45 million (-4.7%) are missing from the list, mainly due to greater
difficulties in catching up in markets such as France, Spain and Austria. On the other hand, better performances were recorded in Germany, where pre-Covid levels were recovered (EUR 196 million,
+2.2% on 2019).
Sales in non-EU markets, on the other hand, returned to match, and slightly exceed, pre-Covid export levels (+0.6%). The performance towards the United States was remarkable (+31.9% compared to
2019, corresponding to +€32 million), thus confirming its position as the third largest market for Sportsystem after France and Germany. Double-digit growth was also recorded in exports to Canada
(+25.8% compared to 2019, +€5 million). Sales to the United Kingdom bucked the negative trend, falling both compared to 2019 (-31.9%, -27.3 million) and 2020 (-20.1%). Sales to Russia also fell
sharply (-17.5% compared to 2019; -5.2 million).
Eyewear district exports
Looking at the Belluno district, which moves almost 40% of the sector’s national exports and accounts for 70% of the province’s total exports, foreign sales in 2021 came close to Euro 3
billion[1], fully recovering over 2020 (+42.8%) and even surpassing pre-pandemic levels (+3.3% over 2019; +95 million).
Both sales outside the Union, which account for almost two-thirds of the total, and those within the Union, experienced a strong rebound on 2020, surpassing 2019 levels in both areas.
The United States confirmed itself as the main destination market and absorbed more than a third of sales (35.2%, or more than EUR 1 billion). It is followed by France with a 10.6% share (EUR 312
million) and with shares between 5-6%: Germany (EUR 199 million), the United Kingdom with almost EUR 176 million, China and Hong Kong (EUR 154 million) and Spain (EUR 146.5 million).
In the first quarter of 2022, a more than positive trend continued for Belluno eyewear exports both on an annual basis (+36.8%) and compared to the same period in 2019 (+16%).
However, the uncertain international conditions burdened by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the new variants of the Covid-19 virus and the strong tensions on the prices of many raw materials, will,
according to ANFAO, lead to a stabilisation of Italian eyewear export growth in 2022 around +4-5%.
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TREVISO. Principali Paesi di destinazione delle esportazioni di Calzature e Articoli Sportivi. Gennaio – dicembre 2021 (dati provvisori). Valori assoluti in migliaia di euro, variazioni e
incidenza percentuale

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