Presentation of the book Giocare tra medioevo ed età moderna | May 20th at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom

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Source: Benetton Foundation Research Centre press office

Benetton Foundation Research Centre proposes a new online appointment dedicated to the themes of play, a field of research, publishing and dissemination of the Foundation since the early
nineties, investigated in its various historical, social and anthropological dimensions and manifestations.
On Thursday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m., on the Zoom platform, there will be a meeting dedicated to the recent collective volume Giocare tra medioevo ed età moderna. Modelli etici ed estetici
per l’Europa, published by Benetton Foundation Research Centre with Viella (Treviso-Roma 2019).
A journey along the ranks of the history of an extraordinary cultural experience, between morality and religion, between ethics and politics.
What playful activities, individual or collective, are regulated, and therefore honest, for women? And for the male world? And what are the spaces, times and forms of initiation reserved for
young men who, through play – intellectual and physical – are introduced to the world and to its specific and diverse forms of sociability?
These and other contents at the heart of the book will be discussed by Giuseppe Crimi, Professor of Italian Literature at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, by the two editors:
Francesca Aceto, Université Lille 3, and Francesco Lucioli, University College Dublin, and by three of the twelve authors who participated in this work and in the conference that
preceded it: Alessandro Arcangeli, University of Verona, Gherardo Ortalli, Benetton Foundation, Alessandra Rizzi, Università Ca’
Foscari Venezia.
Patrizia Boschiero, head of publishing at the Benetton Foundation, will introduce the book.
The book proposes an articulated reflection, also of a historiographical nature, on the ethical function attributed to ludic activity between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age, on its multiple
forms of expression and representation, and on the ways in which the game is interpreted and used in a moral key.
It reasons on the dynamics of relationship between women, men and ludic praxis; it analyzes the spaces, the times and the modalities of access to the game in the long period that goes from the
medieval theorization of the eutrapelia to the Jesuit reflections on the education of the children.
The analysis of phenomena of great anthropological interest, such as play, deserves to be carried out from a wide perspective, aimed at investigating general perspectives and able to identify
structural elements that have long-term repercussions and can be indicators of significant changes in the social, institutional and cultural structures of medieval and modern societies.

Zoom platform. Enrollment through the appropriate link published on the social channels and on the website of the Foundation,
Playing between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. Ethical and Aesthetic Models for Europe, edited by Francesca Aceto and Francesco Lucioli, Benetton Foundation Research Centre-Viella, Treviso-Rome 2019, 248 pages, 49 black and white and 23 color illustrations, cover price €35, ISBN 978-88-3313-278-5
(Benetton Foundation Research Centre series “Ludica”, 14).
The book is available in bookstores and in e-book.For information:
The essays collected in the volume are by: Francesca Aceto, Alessandro Arcangeli, Carla Casagrande, Umberto Cecchinato, Antonella Fenech Kroke, Paolo Garbini, Francesco Lucioli, Gherardo
Ortalli, Paolo Procaccioli, Amedeo Quondam, Alessandra Rizzi, Silvana Vecchio

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