Presentation of the new book by Benetton Foundation: Giardini storici, verità e finzione | 28 May

Online at 6:00 pm on the Zoom platform

Events - published on 25 May 2021
Source:Benetton Foundation Research Centre press office
On Friday, May 28 at 6:00 p.m., the new volume that Benetton Foundation Research Centre dedicates to studies in the field of gardens and landscape will be presented in an online meeting on
the Zoom platform: Historical Gardens, Truth and Fiction. Critical readings of historical models in the landscape of the XX-XXI centuries, edited by Monique Mosser, José Tito Rojo,
Simonetta Zanon
(Benetton Foundation-Antiga).
Discussions will be held by Luigi Latini, President of the Scientific Committee of the Benetton Foundation, Monique Mosser, School of Architecture, Versailles, José Tito Rojo,
University of Granada, Simonetta Zanon, Head of Landscape Projects at the Foundation. Patrizia Boschiero, Head of Editions at the Foundation, introduces the event.
The title alludes, with an apparently ironic and almost irreverent look, to those moments in the last century when history was used to replicate forms and models, to the point of producing real
copies of gardens. In many cases they were “authentic fakes” that expressed an attitude towards the past that today we can reread with greater awareness. However, many convincing examples also
belong to the same context, revealing different sensibilities, thanks to which work in the field of the historical garden has been carried out under the banner of continuity, developing interest
both in knowledge and in a creative exercise of critical interpretation of history.
Starting from the contents of the International Study Days on Landscape 2019 and other “yards” of research and experimentation opened by the Benetton Foundation in the recent period, some
directions for in-depth study have been identified, developed by eighteen authors in sixteen contributions that reconstruct, in fragments, a complex geography of relationships, exchanges and very
fertile reciprocal influences, which continue to nourish even the contemporary culture of the garden and landscape and to inspire interventions capable of not freezing the forms of the past, but of
questioning the continuity of the places and contexts to which they belong, and the presence of those who inhabit them and take care of their future.
The collective volume collects contributions by: Elena Antoniolli, Vincenzo Cazzato, Chiara Comegna, Stéphanie de Courtois, Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto, Luigi Gallo, Dieter Kienast, Luigi
Latini, Monique Mosser, Finola O’Kane, Franco Panzini, Filippo Pizzoni, Giuseppe Rallo, Bianca Maria Rinaldi, José Tito Rojo, Francesco Vallerani, Annachiara Vendramin, Simonetta Zanon.
Zoom platform. Registration through the appropriate link published on the social channels and on the website of the Foundation,
Historical gardens, truth and fiction
Critical Readings of Historical Models in the Landscape of the 20th and 21st Centuries
edited by Monique Mosser, José Tito Rojo, Simonetta Zanon
Benetton Foundation Research Centre-Antiga, Treviso 2021(Memoirs, 19)
316 pages, 215 illustrations, cover price 30 euros, ISBN 978-88-8435-229-3
Also available in English edition, ISBN 978-88-8435-230-9
Index of the volume
Preface by Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon
Introduction, by Monique Mosser, José Tito Rojo, Simonetta Zanon
Readings and interpretations of historical models
Luigi Gallo and Chiara Comegna, The Gardens of Pompeii: Between Evocation of the Ancient and Scientific Knowledge
José Tito Rojo, The Happy Imaginary. Fantasies in the Gardens of the Alhambra
Finola O’Kane, Colonial Landscapes: Design Strategies from Ireland and the Irish Caribbean
Bianca Maria Rinaldi, The comfort of tradition: the Chinese garden in the contemporary project of landscape architecture
The fortune of the Italian garden: inventions, copies, influences
Vincenzo Cazzato, Truth and fiction in the Italian garden of the 20th century: projects, models, realizations
Filippo Pizzoni, Italian garden and English garden, between fashions and mutual influences
Franco Panzini, Transplanted memories of the missionaries. Gardens of historicist inspiration in Southern California
Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto, The Italian Legacy in American Gardens of the 20th Century. The Case of Philadelphia
Evolution and Invention in the Landscape of Northeastern Italy
Giuseppe Rallo and Simonetta Zanon, Giardino Farsetti at Santa Maria di Sala. The landscape of a Venetian villa and its future
Francesco Vallerani, Palladian heritage and new landscapes. The Veneto between arcadian praise and vandalic localism
Annachiara Vendramin, The park of Miramare in Trieste, between reality and fiction
The reinterpretation of the historical garden and European landscape architects: some examples
Monique Mosser, Reaction and Progress. Return to history and modernity in gardens
in France, 1867-1937
Stéphanie de Courtois, Jacques Gréber and the reinterpretation of the formal garden, 1920-1939. Creations, reinventions, reception
Luigi Latini, The short life of a modern garden. Pietro Porcinai and Villa Theobald in Cologne, 1961-1964
Elena Antoniolli, Contemporary project and historical garden in the work of Pascal Cribier
and Michael van Gessel
Dieter Kienast and the sense of history in contemporary Swiss gardens, edited by Simonetta Zanon
Notes on the authors
References on illustrations
Index of names and places
Notes on the curators
Monique Mosser, historian of art, architecture and gardens, is a researcher at CNRS (André Chastel Center, Paris), honorary member since September 2012.
José Tito Rojo, botanist, since the beginning of his professional activity is dedicated to the theme of the garden, both to the theoretical aspects, especially interested in the history of
the garden, and to the practical ones, as a designer.
Simonetta Zanon works at the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in Treviso

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