President Mario Pozza: let’s strengthen the uniqueness of our territories with the Chamber system so that we can face new challenges with strength and success.

Speaking anywhere in the world with the network of Italians abroad makes exporting so natural.

Economy - published on 10 January 2022

Source: press office Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno | Dolomites

Our area has a great competitive strength reinforced by the uniqueness of the social ties that support the economic community. These are the family, voluntary work, the know-how of
ancient knowledge, the farming culture that brings souls closer to the knowledge of nature and gives us successful ideas for innovation.
Corporate social responsibility, whether consciously or unconsciously, is so spontaneous in helping local businesses as well as smaller companies. It also seems that there are no borders thanks
to the community of Italians abroad, so speaking anywhere in the world makes exporting so natural. An ecosystem that we often do not realise how precious and unique it is.
I don’t hide the concerns about the economic tensions that will be there, but being aware of and strengthening what we are as a community with the Chamber system will help us to successfully
interpret these new challenges.

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