President of Unioncamere Veneto Pozza meets at the embassy in Rome the Ambassador of Senegal Seynabou Badiane

Contacts with embassies in Italy are continuing for facilitating the international relationship for Venetian companies.

Economy - published on 04 April 2018

Senegal can become an interesting partner for Venetian companies, and the Fair in Dakar can represent a fruitful beginning.

This says the President of Unioncamere Veneto and Counsellor Assocamerestero Mario Pozza about the meeting had in Rome with the Ambassador of Senegal Seynabou
The Secretary-General of Assocamerestero Nino Esposito and the President of Mutuelle de la Solidarité des Senegalais Moussa Fall were present at the meeting.

President Pozza has suggested organizing an event to introduce the country of Senegal and the opportunities that it can offer to Venetian enterprises, focusing the most interesting sectors.

The Ambassador Seynabou Badiane, the Minister for Economy of Senegal and the Director of Dakar Fair will participate at the meeting scheduled at the beginning of June in Treviso.
Some entrepreneurs will take part and bring their experiences about working in Senegal.

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