President Pozza awards the winning students of the “Circolar…Mente” Ideas Competition for schools

Five schools in the province of Belluno won prizes totalling EUR 8,000

Events - published on 06 December 2022

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Belluno, 5 december 2022 – Today, at the Chamber of Commerce, President Mario Pozza welcomed and awarded prizes to the school students who participated in the
Circolar…Mente” competition, which asked them to interpret the theme of the circular economy by making an original prototype assembled with waste materials from households and
production plants. The competition also called for the creation of a video showing the prototype realised in its production phases.
The winners were the Liceo Artistico in Cortina, the Middle School “S. RICCI” in Belluno, the Primary School “Vittorino da Feltre” in Belluno, the Primary School
“Carmela Ronchi” in Vallada Agordina
, and the Istituto Comprensivo “F. Berton” in Pedavena.
We wanted to involve all schools, and for the first time also middle schools and primary schools, both state and paritarian, in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno, because we know, –
points out the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites, Mario Pozza, – what value the topic of sustainability has, for the growth of young
people and for the formation of future responsible citizens and entrepreneurs.
I would like to thank the headmasters and teachers for their wide participation, 13 schools realised as many as 36 projects, a sign of a fruitful dialogue between schools and the Chamber
of Commerce. Not only ideas but also financial support, and today, the Chamber of Commerce is awarding prizes totalling EUR 8000(two worth EUR 2,500 each and three worth EUR 1,000 each).
The reasons:

Liceo Artistico of Cortina (BL), which was awarded the prize for the category “Design object – high schools”, with the project “Lamp of Life (Lampada della vita)“, in
which “history” and the use of various materials are intertwined, such as Swiss stone pine wood from Vaia, donated by the Regole di Cortina, old fir beam, recovered from an old barn,
expired glass-resin (epoxy resin), ammunition found on “Monte Piana” and dating back to World War II, and recycled LED;

Middle School “S. RICCI” of Belluno, which was awarded the prize for the category “Usable object – middle schools”, with the project “The story chair (La sedia delle
“, designed and built to be used at school, during book reading time. Inside there is a lamp and on the back there is a blackboard and a polystyrene panel to note down the titles
of the books read and our reflections after reading. It has four wheels so it can be easily moved;

Primary school “Vittorino da Feltre” (BL), which was awarded the prize for the category “Usable object – primary schools”, with the project “Ecocalendar
(Ecocalendario)“, a perpetual calendar made by the children of the first class, using a discarded stick, inner rolls of kitchen paper, foil and aluminium foil, the inner part of
biscuit and cracker wrappers and ribbon from the Easter dove package;

Istituto Comprensivo “F. Berton” of Pedavena (BL), which was awarded the prize for the category “Design object – primary schools”, with the project “Recycle city“, a miniature
sustainable city that, besides being a design object that can be used to beautify the school, can also be a track for cars, a landscape to be used to learn how to orient oneself, to know
the cardinal points, but also to learn road education as pedestrians;

Primary school “Carmela Ronchi” in Vallada Agordina (BL), which was awarded the prize for the category “Innovative object – primary schools”, with its “Tree-collecting crane (Gru
raccogli alberi
)” project, a prototype that exploits magnetism and demonstrates how magnets can serve as another way of collecting fallen plants in the forest that can perhaps be
reused as biomass to produce energy. The crane is equipped with a special mechanical arm that has a magnet at its end that hooks the trunk onto which another magnet has in turn been fixed.
With this device, the plant can be easily loaded onto the crane platform and transported elsewhere.

The creativity and attention to research and detail shown by the award-winning schools was particularly appreciated. The primary school of Pedavena also deserves the credit for having
presented 5 of the 7 projects submitted by the primary schools, demonstrating a particular commitment and involvement of students and teachers.
During the ceremony, videos of the award-winning prototypes were presented, and the objects made by the students of the five Belluno schools that received awards were exhibited.
President Pozza presented certificates of participation to 55 students and the five project teachers, from the Liceo Artistico in Cortina, the “S. RICCI” middle school, the “Vittorino da
Feltre” primary school, the “Carmela Ronchi” primary school in Vallada Agordina and the “F. Berton” Istituto Comprensivo in Pedavena, who attended the event.
Thirty-five certificates were issued for the “Transversal Skills and Orientation Pathways (Percorsi per le competenze trasversali e per l’orientamento)”, for a total of 1,000 hours (students)
and 160 hours (teachers).
Even the schools that did not win will see all the videos made published on the Chamber’s YouTube channel, as a sign of thanks to students and teachers for their commitment
and dedication.

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