President Pozza: Belluno Destinazione Accogliente is an excellent opportunity to implement The Welcoming Services Charter

Belluno Destinazione Accogliente (Belluno as a Welcoming Destination) is promoted by the Veneto Region Tourism Department, the Belluno Dolomites DMO Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites and the Municipality of Belluno, with the technical support of Just Good Tourism.

Events - published on 21 June 2024

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“We are the destination, inseparable resources in the Veneto tourism value chain: we are when we greet smilingly at the desk or ticket office in the language of the customer, when we offer the children’s menu to the family sitting at the table, when we offer to give directions to a tourist, when we proudly care for welcoming squares and streets. We can make a difference in making our region’s destinations a holistic experience for our visitors and a source of well-being, growth, economic and cultural enrichment for the local community.”

Welcoming and Hospitality Charter, Veneto Region

“Belluno Destinazione Accogliente” is a project of the Veneto Region which, in agreement with the Fondazione DMO Dolomiti Bellunesi, has been included in the Veneto in Action programming plan: the programme of regionally-directed actions conceived with the aim of enhancing the territory in view of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.

On Friday, 7 June 2024, in order to disseminate locally the outcomes of the project and share with the territory the future prospects, a restitution plenary was organised for all those involved and open to the public: an opportunity to listen to those who have actively participated in the programme and brought their testimonies, and to reflect further on the challenges and opportunities towards a structural evolution starting from reception.

The project of the Charter of Hospitality in the Belluno Dolomites began with an initial focus on Cortina d’Ampezzo (2022-23) as the key location for the Games, and then moved on to the city of Belluno (2023-24), which is particularly strategic in that it is recognised as: a focal point of interest during the Olympics, a hospitality hub for the Veneto Region, the gateway to the Belluno Dolomites National Park, and the provincial capital.

In Belluno, meetings with the main stakeholders of the tourism offer (trade associations, Consorzio Belluno Centro, Consorzio Dolomiti Prealpi, Proloco, associations and organisers of events in the city) began in autumn. After a phase of comparison and data collection, it was decided to work on the family target, for which the city of Belluno already has elements of attractiveness, and on the values of authenticity, accessibility and connection present in the Hospitality Charter.

The work then continued with the operators who gave their willingness to develop tangible actions that were reported during today’s plenary.

This final meeting is intended to be the beginning of a capillary work with a view to building a new paradigm of hospitality, laying the foundations for a structurally high-quality tourist offer, no longer based only on excellence, services, prices and communication, but rather on a new modus vivendi of the people living in the host communities (operators and others).

On the occasion of the plenary, the Dolomiti Bellunesi DMO Foundation presented the new ‘Belluno, welcome kids’ web page within its destination website, now ready to convey the aggregation (integrated with the regional DMS) of the city of Belluno’s tourism offer aimed at families with children. On the area of the site dedicated to the project, tourists will be able to see all the events, points of interest, and economic activities, with the ad hoc proposals for families with children that will gradually be uploaded.

The project presented today is the beginning of a medium-long term process aimed at laying common foundations for potentialities to come. The involvement of a number of subjects representing the territory has allowed for a certain operativeness and productivity in a short time, the results of which are a legacy for the destination and its actors in primis, who will be able to follow up and/or implement them appropriately.

“Belluno Destinazione Accogliente” was promoted by the Veneto Region’s Tourism Department, the Belluno Dolomites DMO Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti, and the Municipality of Belluno, with the technical support of Just Good Tourism, the company appointed to follow and finalise the project, which is particularly sensitive to issues of responsibility, ethics and sustainability.

The importance of the project and its implementation in the Olympic territory is underlined by the statement of the Councillor for Tourism, Agriculture and EU Funds Federico Caner: “The declination of the Welcoming Charter in the Belluno territory is part of the Veneto in Action path towards Milan Cortina 2026, an action included in the Regional Tourism Plan 2024. With the Winter Olympics, the eyes of the whole world will be on our beautiful mountains and we must be prepared, especially from the hospitality point of view.

Let’s therefore begin a process of involving the entire destination towards the redevelopment of the tourism sector that does not stop at the quantity of services, but also includes the way in which they are provided, in a responsible involvement extended to the entire community.

Through the Hospitality Charter, the Belluno area must take the lead in improving both the quality of stay of guests and, in parallel, the lives of residents, the first conscious ambassadors of the reality in which they live.”

“Bringing concrete and tangible actions to the territory through the Welcoming Charter is also a mission of the DMO,” added Valentina Colleselli, Director of the Dolomiti Bellunesi Foundation, “because it is functional in improving territorial attractiveness. The theme of hospitality, however, is not only linked to the way we decide to be a destination and welcome tourists, but concerns the common feeling of both workers in the sector and residents.

Those who have chosen to actively participate in the project have put themselves on the line, new synergies have been created that will be improved and standardised, creating good practices that, we hope, will become part of everyone’s daily life and common feeling. The Foundation’s wish, therefore, is that this path can give rise to specific initiatives to be implemented together with all the city’s stakeholders’.

The Belluno Welcoming City project,” points out the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti Mario Pozza, “is an excellent opportunity to implement ‘The Welcoming Services Charter’, a regional tool for communicating in an authentic manner, a city that is open and welcoming towards its fellow citizens and to make, this way of being and operating, a competitive element for good tourism. Our firm intention is to turn, in a renewed way, the attention to families, profiling the offer in a way dedicated to the tourists of tomorrow.

The Chamber of Commerce is putting forward ideas, a network of relations and resources to make the ‘Belluno Welcoming City’ project the expression of a winning strategy, one that encourages dialogue between institutions, associations, businesses and citizens, leading everyone to look in the same direction: the promotion of the territory and the services it can offer. The territory already has many good practices that, if networked and communicated, will be a meeting point for tourists. Projects designed with creativity and profiling and expressed in all forms with a smile, will be able to welcome tourists of all ages, families and fascinate the tourists of tomorrow who will want to return to experience our territories as adults.”

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