President Pozza: congratulations to Dr. De Zanna, newly elected President of the DMO, and Vice-President Dr. Faoro

Economy - published on 11 May 2023

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti

Belluno, 10 May 2023. My congratulations to the newly elected President of the DMO Dolomiti, Emanuela De Zanna,” said Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza, “An election that saw the unanimous choice of the assembly and that brings to the helm of the DMO a figure of great managerial and relational ability, who will bring significant value in the next choices for the promotion of the territory with the considerable commitment that the upcoming events such as the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games will require. I am truly delighted that Chamber Councillor De Zanna was appreciated by all the electing councillors. My compliments to Vice-President Faoro, a valuable institutional figure. For the province of Belluno for all the valleys in their scenic, cultural and historical beauty, the mountain villages such as Mel and Cibiana, cities such as Feltre, Belluno, Cortina, Pieve di Cadore, Alleghe the ski resorts with their 385 km of slopes, Passo San Pellegrino – Falcade, Arabba – Marmolada, Civetta – Alleghe Selva di Cadore, Palafavera, Zoldo, Cortina, Padola, Lagazuoi, San Vito di Cadore, Auronzo, Alpe del Nevegal, Misurina, Croce d’Aune Monte Avena, Lake Santa Croce, and the Cansiglio forest – President Pozza points out – will have a profiled promotion strategy for winter and summer tourism with the DMO. This election sees us united towards the one goal that is aimed at the good of mountain territories, for sustainable tourism with a renewed ability to attract young people, the future of our mountains.

And it is precisely with an eye on young people that for the past two years the Chamber of Commerce has been working with the GenerAZIONE2026 project, in collaboration with the Veneto Region, the regional school office, and the FICTS, to guarantee new horizons for the world of school through the values of sport, highlighting the spirit of Olympism through an educational and training action.

On Friday 12 May, the GenerAZIONE2026 buses will leave from Belluno and Treviso with the student athletes who will go to compete at the Brera Arena in Milan, in the presence of Minister Abodi, at the Milan trophies – informs President Pozza – dedicated to young students, their education, practice, well-being, play and the values that sport brings with it in view of the Milan – Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Big appointment on 9 June, GenerAZIONE2026 will be in Cortina, with the world delegation of the FICTS International Federation of Sports Film and Television, the only one recognised by the IOC for Olympic images. It will be for Cortina and all the valleys an important action of world promotion, to share the beauty of our territories and the promotion of our businesses. These international appointments,’ Pozza concludes, ‘create a network among stakeholders, for a resounding welcome and to remain in the hearts of our young people.

To President De Zanna and Vice-President Faoro I renew my best wishes for a good job!


Mario Pozza


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