President Pozza introduced the works of the Webinar “HELP DESK #BREXIT – ICE AGENCY #LONDON: QUESTION TIME”, attended by 70 companies.

Economy - published on 22 December 2020
Treviso, Tuesday 15th December 2020. President Pozza introduced the works of the WebinarHELP DESK #BREXIT – ICE AGENCY #LONDON: QUESTION TIME“, attended by 70 companies. The
United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union on January 1st, 2021, will entail significant changes for exporting companies. The head of the BREXIT DESK of the ICE Office in London, doctor
Gabriella Migliore, presented the activities of the desk and answered the questions posed by the companies.
The ICE desk works jointly with the Italian Embassy in London and in conjunction with the Task Force of Palazzo Chigi, MISE and the Customs Agency.

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