President Pozza meets the institutional delegation of Burkina Faso

The new entity of Centro Estero Veneto to create new business opportunities with the Sub-Saharan African Country.

Events - published on 23 October 2018

Treviso, 22nd October 2018 – The President of Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, of Nuovo Centro Estero Veneto and of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza has met the institutional
delegation of Burkina Faso, Sub Saharan African Country.

The President, by presenting to the delegates the new entity of Centro Estero Veneto, he has promptly welcomed the representatives, offering the support of the Chamber System in organizing, with
Venetian enterprises, meetings to present the Country and the sectors of potential interest.
Exchange between Veneto and Burkina Faso does not reach huge numbers – has underlined Pozza – but it is extremely important to know your context and identify the cooperation way able
to increase business opportunities in a very young Country, but with significant possibilities.

The Country has 19 Million inhabitants and an economy that still strong depends on agriculture, having nevertheless good mineral resources and being great gold and zinc exporter.

The Mayors present, Mohamed K. Mare from Gon Boussougou Municipality and L. Ibrahim Mare from Ouagadougou Municipality, they are concerned about the serious
socio-economic problem that forces young people to migrate towards Europe. They are trying to find solutions able to decrease the migration flow and searching for foreign cooperation in order to
start business initiatives targeted to improve the Country economic situation.

The delegation has thanked President Pozza and the Executive Rossato for the warm welcoming and has underlined the importance of the Chamber System role for Burkina Faso.
The delegates wish that the Venetian Chambers of Commerce could organize b2b meetings soon, in order to establish contact with Burkina Faso and give to their Sub-Saharan African entrepreneurs the
possibility to learn the know how about production processes and products manufacturing. Burkina Faso, in fact, presents a relevant production of tomatoes, cereals and seed, but there is still a
lack of knowledge about preservation and transportation logistical system.
Mayors think that increasing the competence about processing of agriculture products could give young Africans the opportunity to create new local businesses, and in this way trying to reduce

In the delegation, there was also the representative of NAFASO Neema Agricole du Faso s.a., an agricultural holding with more than 300 workers that produces seeds, which has an
interest in exporting to Veneto.

Billa Salama, President of the Burkina Faso Community in Triveneto, he has underlined that just knowing both contexts it would be possible to develop cooperation and growth

The delegation was led by Mr Gianni Rasera President of Icare Onlus, which for many years has been working in the field of social promotion.

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