President Pozza spoke with Councillor Caner at the presentation of the project “The agricultural tradition of historic homes” to promote tourism and food in the area

Initiative promoted by Confagricoltura Treviso and Confagricoltura Belluno and with funding from the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti

Events - published on 15 January 2022
Source: press office Confagricoltura Treviso and Belluno
The project “The agricultural tradition of the historical residences”, promoted by Confagricoltura Treviso and Confagricoltura Belluno, in collaboration with the Associazione Ville
and with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti, was presented at the Cantina Collalto in susegana.
The project is designed to enhance the tourist and agri-food value of sites of cultural and architectural interest that have a farm connected to them in full operation, through the
development of content and tools to promote the area and create a community: the aim is to offer tourists an additional incentive to visit and experience the Treviso and Belluno area.
The initiative also aims to highlight the key role that the spread of abbeys, castles and villas designed by Andrea Palladio and the great architects of the Serenissima has played in the
development of local agriculture and the creation of a new landscape, built on the virtuous balance between nature, aesthetic and economic needs. This combination is still well represented in the
Treviso and Belluno areas, where agriculture and wine-growing are the pride and joy of the area, where the landscape is shaped by agricultural activity, and where historic homes are precious
cultural treasure chests scattered throughout the countryside.
The event was attended by Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi (President of Confagricoltura Treviso); Diego Donazzolo (President of Confagricoltura Belluno); Federico Caner,
Regional Councillor for EU Funds – Tourism – Agriculture – Foreign Trade; Mario Pozza (President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti); Isabella Collalto de Croÿ
(President of the Ville Venete Association) and the representatives of the villas involved in the project, selected thanks to the collaboration with the Ville Venete Association, which since 1979
has been committed to the protection and enhancement of a unique heritage counting more than 4. 300 villas registered in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions (3,971 in Veneto, of which 984
in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno). This will be followed by a talk by Prof. Edoardo Demo (University of Verona), dedicated to the relationship between historical residences and
agricultural activity and, finally, the projection of the complete video-documentary created for the promotion – at regional and provincial level – of the sites.
Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites: – Beauty and enterprise are two terms that together best represent our territories. The historic
residences that have shaped an area dedicated to agriculture and processing continue to be the fulcrum of an economy of scenic beauty and world-famous crops. I would like to applaud Confagricoltura
Treviso and Belluno for this project which, as Chamber of Commerce, we have decided to support financially and which we will promote at the major international events scheduled for May and
September this year.
With this project we wanted to promote the many historic residences in the Treviso and Belluno area, which over the centuries have been able to maintain their original vocation thanks to their
farms: marvels of historical and cultural interest, but at the same time active players in the local agricultural and wine-growing sectors. I would like to thank the Associazione Ville Venete, the
owners of the participating historic houses – who for generations have contributed to enhancing and protecting our countryside, shaping its evocative landscapes – and the Chamber of Commerce of
Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti for marrying this initiative,- says Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi, President of Confagricoltura Treviso.
Through the creation of ad hoc digital content, we aim to spread interest in historic houses with agricultural activity through local tourism promotion agencies and bodies that promote the local
agri-food heritage, – explains Diego Donazzolo, President of Confagricoltura Belluno, – in order to create an additional incentive for tourists and consumers to visit and experience
the Treviso and Belluno area. In addition to the documentary video, more specific supporting video content will be created to create a “community” to represent the project and be its spokesman.
This project, – says Regional Councillor for Tourism Federico Caner, – is perfectly in line with the regional administration’s desire to enhance the value of two fundamental
sectors of the Veneto economy under one roof: agriculture and tourism. This is a combination in which we strongly believe: food, wine, local products, as well as the agricultural tradition, are
extraordinary ambassadors of Made in Veneto in the world and represent strong tourist attractions. In recent years,- continues the councillor, – our region has become more and more aware of
the fact that it can offer both the domestic and international markets an original, high-quality tourist offer in line with the renewed need for security. If in August, the Prosecco Hills area
recorded over 60,000 admissions, with a 19 per cent increase in arrivals compared to 2019, it is also thanks to the conversion of some large and fascinating historic residences in the
municipalities of Treviso and Belluno to hospitality. I would like to applaud,- Caner concluded, – the project of Confagricoltura Treviso and Belluno which, with the support of the
Chamber of Commerce, demonstrates how the agricultural and wine-growing vocation of this area can be transformed into an important tourism driver.
According to Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, President of the Association for Venetian Villas – The agricultural tradition of historic houses, a project as original as it is interesting,
promoted by Confagricoltura Treviso and Confagricoltura Belluno, thanks to the contribution of the Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce, it could not have been a happier initiative. The
Venetian Villas, represented by the Association for Venetian Villas aimed at promoting and enhancing the cultural, historical, architectural and tourist value of this unique and unrepeatable Veneto
region, were born as agricultural centres of Venetian families on the mainland. Recapturing these two fundamental elements, the birth of the Venetian Villas and their link with the land through
real agricultural activity, in a single project means confirming the relevance of a project born in the 16th century. An important opportunity to promote the Civilization of Venetian Villas, which
is not only architecture, art and culture but also landscape, agriculture, community and business.
Below is a list of the historic residences in the spotlight:
VILLA DA LEZZE Fioravanti Onesti (San Biagio di Callalta, TV)
VILLA DE MEZZAN (Grum Villabruna, BL)

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