President Pozza’s speech – First: the energy issue

The words of President Mario Pozza

Economy - published on 10 August 2022
Source: Corriere del Veneto press office
A few days ago, a pastry shop in Padua paid an energy bill of 3750 and change, compared to 1984 paid a year earlier.
Here, the whole point of the next election campaign must lie in giving an answer to this small North-Eastern entrepreneur who, should he be left without prospects and without aid, would be forced
to close down after 30 years of sacrifice and struggle for survival.
I want to try, taking advantage of the Corriere’s hospitality, to ‘give the line’ to the policy that, by conviction and trade, I neither demonise nor underestimate, but which I have long found
often inadequate.
Tax issue. I hear talk of ‘patrimonial assets’ and I think it is a Martian chronicle. I hope the other side does not respond with as much superficial demagogy. Let everyone pay taxes, and
let them be imposed with seriousness and not by an irresponsible and despotic ‘partner’, this is what companies demand. Sobriety in programmes and customs, we would be infinitely grateful. These
elections represent a historic occasion, because for the first time the Italian Parliament will resemble in quantity those less crowded in the so-called evolved democracies. Fewer elected
representatives, the Italians are promised, but with more competences. Let us hope so.
The State’s debt. Abnormal, such as to lead to the temptation of financially irresponsible programmes. We can no longer afford to imagine further heavy losses that would put us on the
fringes of the European Union. A little demagogy is physiological, an irrational inability to see the abyss would lead us to the Greekisation of the economic crisis. With devastating social
Energy issue, the non-addressing of which would lead to unimaginable social consequences. For decades, we have adopted misleading and emotional models when dealing with the energy dossier,
and for this we are terribly behind schedule, as the nuclear debate indicates. The priority is not to destroy the industrial system, the only one that makes individuals, families and companies
live. This is not the place to get into technicalities, but we certainly need to defeat environmentalist theology, which would certainly plunge us into the desert of degrowth. Which is never happy.
I am not forgetting the fallout of the energy issue on families and what already looks like it could become the drama of the autumn bills. As the aforementioned Padua confectioner knows well.
Waste management. In radical newspapers (such as Il Fatto or Domani), waste-to-energy plants and regasifiers are fired every day, but, as usual, no alternatives are given. In the meantime, Rome is
sinking in filth that costs us a fortune every day. The Brescia model should be copied.

The drought issue: decades of neglect and misleading debates have come to a head, leading to a truly difficult situation for agriculture, industry and families. A powerful change of
mentality is needed.
Employment: the infamous citizenship income must be put in the drawer. It has caused systemic damage. We need active employment policies that really get young people into the world of
production and do not make the state the worst competitor of companies.Pnrr is still a gamble to be won: only a rational government can do it, and here again I point out the danger of remaining at
the mercy of those who do not love us: Teutonic-driven Europe will not support us in asking for continuous postponements. Half a million companies in Veneto are hanging by a thread and the autumn
is looking difficult.
Attention: the issue is no longer the survival of the Veneto Model, but more simply survival.

President of Unioncamere Veneto
Mario Pozza

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