Two years of major exhibitions at the Bailo Museum 2023 - 2024

Events - published on 30 November 2022

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Two years of major exhibitions at the Bailo Museum 2023 – 2024
After the success of the exhibition on “Antonio Canova Gloria Trevigiana”, the new Grande Bailo confirms, with four new rooms and a two-year programme of events, its desire to establish
itself among the reference points for knowledge of 20th century art in Italy.
President Pozza: “I applaud the companies that invest together with us Institutions. Art is the best ambassador to enhance our places and to make us aware of the value of art and the
genius loci that distinguishes us in the world”.
Invited to the Treviso City Council to expound on the current economic situation and the reality of enterprises, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Assocamerestero, Mario Pozza,
in his new national role, also explained the value for the internationalisation of enterprises of the presence of the 84 Italian Chambers of Commerce in the 61 countries of the world. Mayor
Conte thanked President Pozza for having always shared with the municipal administration the redevelopment of the Piazza Borsa quadrant where the Chamber of Commerce is located. A number
of councillors took the floor and asked for attention to be paid to the issue of young Italians abroad, female entrepreneurship, and the unbureaucratisation of paperwork for doing business,
acknowledging the Chamber of Commerce for the work it has done in the digitalisation of many practices. The topic of the annual fee and the ruling won by the Chamber of Commerce, which brings
considerable resources to the territory and no longer to the public debt, was addressed. Mayor Conte, with the President of the City Council Ianicelli, the Deputy Mayor and the entire Council,
honoured President Pozza with an award for the seriousness, professionalism, and dynamism of his mandate, always paying attention to the instances and needs of the business world in the digital
transition and bureaucratisation, and as a thank you for his constant presence at the city’s initiatives and closeness to the economic, tourist, and social context.

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