Projections: Sporting Class Emotions | Generation 2026 meets the IC of Villorba-Povegliano and IC Marta Minerbi

16th and 17th online meetings | Third classes IC Villorba - Povegliano and first classes of IC Marta Minerbi

Events - published on 15 March 2022
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti
On Tuesday 15 March the sixteenth and seventeenth online meetings of “Projections: Sporting Class Emotions” were held, appointments in which
2026 Generation
meets the students of the Istituti Comprensivi.
In the first meeting in the morning, which started at 09:00 and lasted about an hour and a half, 2026 Generation met the students of the third classes of the IC Villorba –
The second meeting of the day took place in the afternoon from 14:40, with the same duration, in which the students of the first classes of the IC Marta Minerbi, met and learned about the
Project: “Generation 2026 – Sport Powered By Youth and Education”.
Despite the online mode, both meetings confirmed great interaction and attention from the students in following Tutor Alessandra and the proposed projections.
There was a high level of involvement, and several curiosities were highlighted by the students.
“Never give up”; “If we fall, we can always get back up”; “Sport unites”; “Never give up” … These were the students’ considerations in the light of the projection of the IOC Spot
“Stronger Together”, the motto used by the International Olympic Committee following the Pandemic.
Prof. Franco Ascani‘s encouragement was not lacking: “I have lived through 14 editions of the Olympics, but the next edition will be you”.
This is how the sixteenth and seventeenth online meetings ended with great success.

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