Projections: Sporting Emotions of Class | Generation 2026 meets IC Ponzano Veneto

14th and 15th online meetings | Primary School C. Dalla Toffola, G.B. Cicogna, E. Gastaldo of the IC Ponzano Veneto

Events - published on 09 March 2022
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti
In the afternoon of Wednesday 9 March the 14th and 15th online meetings were held, divided into two sessions (13:30 – 15:00 and 15:00 – 16:20) with three Primary School of IC Ponzano
Veneto: C. Dalla Toffola, G.B. Cicogna, E. Gastaldo.
A success and great interaction for Generation 2026, with many questions and curiosities.
But there was also a lot of sharing of stories by the students with Tutor Alessandra.
Also during this meeting, the online was not a limitation to communication, but also allowed the meeting to take place in total harmony, allowing students to express themselves and clarify their
doubts and questions.
There were many questions following the projection of “From Lumière to De Coubertin: Cinema and Games are born together” where many students were fascinated by the film creation where
barrels were used to practice the sport of boxing in order to make the scene more cinematographic: “I was struck and amused to see the use of barrels in a sport like boxing” – commented the
students of the Primary School of the IC Ponzano Veneto.
There was a lot of curiosity on the subject of the Olympic logo: “Why was this logo chosen?”
The circles in the logo represent an imaginary embrace, conflicts are left aside, what counts are commitment, willpower and the desire to get involved – comments Alessandra, Tutor of
Generation 2026.
But what also struck the students were the themes relating to the Paralympics following the screenings: “The Best of the 2020 Paralympic Games” and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Spot dealing with the
theme of the Paralympics.
A dialogue window was opened where each student was able to express his or her point of view and considerations: “This video struck me, even if these people do not have an easy life, they are
proof that if you want to you can do it”; “In my opinion there are no differences, we are all equal in front of the love for our passion”; “I was very impressed to see the athletics competitions
where athletes run thanks to prostheses” – so the students commented, sharing their considerations with Generation 2026.
An excellent result that confirms that the new Generation 2026 is ready to face the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Milan – Cortina 2026 in the best possible way.

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