Projections: Sporting Emotions of Class | Generation 2026 meets the IC San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV)

13th online meeting | Third classes IC San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV)

Events - published on 09 March 2022
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti
On Tuesday 8 March 2022 the thirteenth online meeting of Generation 2026 with the third classes of IC San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV).
Positive results also for the thirteenth appointment of the formative-educational phase of “Generation 2026 – Sport powered by Youth and Education“, where the meeting followed the same
scheme and programme of the previous meetings introduced by the Tutor of Generation 2026 Alessandra Tarantani, who opened with a preface on the Project, its phases and objectives.
Then followed the projections to grow and educate through the images concerning Olympism and the social aspects of sport, including the projection of the BBC Spot with the motto “We’re the
Superhumans” and the Decalogue of Ethical Sport.
Great interest and curiosity from the students, who were involved and interested in the meeting despite the remote mode.
The new Generation 2026 is ready for the next Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Milan – Cortina 2026.

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