Prosek, Unioncamere Veneto presents the opposition President Mario Pozza: alongside the Region to defend a territory that knows how to work as a system

Economy - published on 06 December 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
The defence of an entire economic system through the protection of a legitimate interest that concerns entrepreneurs, producers and consumers. This is the basis for Unioncamere Veneto’s
decision to file an objection to the application for protection of the traditional term “Prošek” published in the European Journal on 22 September this year.
The opposition was signed by Unioncamere del Veneto, all the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto, the Chambers of Commerce of Venezia Giulia and Pordenone-Udine, as well as various
consumer associations in the area (Adiconsum Veneto, Adiconsum Belluno – Treviso, Adiconsum, Adiconsum Verona, Federconsumatori Venezia APS, Movimento Consumatori Verona, ADOC Veneto, ADOC
) and whose representatives sit on the Chamber Councils. To prepare the opposition, Unioncamere del Veneto was assisted by the law firm DFA, with lawyers Alberto
Dal Ferro, Andrea Cevese and Fiorella Dal Monte.
Unioncamere del Veneto presented the opposition representing a legitimate interest of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce in protecting consumers, supporting the competitiveness of
businesses and enhancing the cultural heritage, including intangible heritage, of the territory. This is because in carrying out its functions it has the task of protecting the regional economic
system as a whole.
In this sense, the recognition of the traditional term to the Croatian product is detrimental, as stated in the opposition’s document, to the reputation and renown of the PDOs previously
recognised for Prosecco, and to the related intellectual property rights of the producers who may use them. Moreover, the opposition highlights not only the future damage that the
recognition of that traditional term could cause, but also the potential damage to the efforts that producers have made to ensure the qualities expected by consumers from products bearing the
Prosecco PDO.
Finally, the Consumers’ Associations are the bearers of the legitimate interest of consumers in not being misled when purchasing the product, since the traditional term Prošek
could confuse them into believing that they are purchasing Prosecco.
Among other reasons, as explained in the opposition, the two terms are, essentially, translations of each other: however, while the term Prosecco even identifies three PDOs long
recognised by the European Union, Prošek enjoys no such recognition. Croatian Prošek can therefore easily evoke the Italian wine Prosecco in the average European consumer.

Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno and of Unioncamere Veneto, commented on the position of the Chamber System: “We are defending a product that is
an excellent local product with important repercussions on our economic system and behind which there is the history and identity of a territory. In fact, the name of this wine can already be
found in the early 16th century in literary studies of a certain importance.
– For the territory, Prosecco has a value that goes beyond the wine sector, in fact it means tourism, territorial marketing, sporting and cultural events and involves institutions,
producers, entrepreneurs and workers. If the mention “Prošek” passes, it will not only set a precedent, but will damage the economy of this area and one of the symbols of Made in
around the world. This is why we stand by the Region in the battle it is waging for Prosecco.

President Pozza added a reference to consumers: – This is very damaging to them because with this protection there is a risk of misleading those who think they are drinking one wine but
are instead drinking another wine with a practically identical name. This may seem trivial, but in reality the so-called ‘Italian sounding’ uses these techniques to deceive the consumer, just
think of the now famous Parmesan. This is why consumers play a central role in our opposition because they also have a legitimate interest.
President Pozza concludes: – Our opposition, beyond the legal aspects, is the confirmation that the Veneto System is united and is working as a team, also with the Region,
to defend the heritage of our territory and our economy, behind which there are history, identity and culture of a part of our Veneto.

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