Red radicchio dessert from Treviso Igp. Zaia: An idea that enhances the excellence of Veneto agriculture

Distilleria Magnoberta creates a new dessert with the product that is the symbol of Veneto food and wine culture

Promo - published on 15 March 2022
Source: press office Giunta Regione Veneto
An example of a territorial flower’s exaltation that combines with imagination to create a product that could become a symbol of our territory. The new sweet with red radicchio from Treviso
, developed by Distilleria Magnoberta, will be able to further affirm one of the most important products of the agricultural sector and a reference point of our food and wine
This is what the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia said when he announced the idea, supported by Eurodolce of Maserada sul Piave (Treviso). The company specialises in
the distribution of raw materials for the confectionery sector.
Treviso is the home of tiramisu and with the red radicchio cake a new delicacy will be offered that will enhance an excellence of Veneto agriculture, known and appreciated worldwide – the
Governor concluded.

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