Regional Councillor Roberto Marcato, the Interregional Commander of the Carabinieri Antonio Paparella and the President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza visiting Infocamere in Padua

Promo - published on 07 October 2021
Source: press office Unioncamere Veneto
This morning the President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, together with the Director of Infocamere, Paolo Ghezzi, the Regional Councillor for Productive Activities, Roberto
, General Antonio Paparella, Interregional Commander Carabinieri Vittorio Veneto and General Giuseppe Spina, Commander of the Veneto Carabinieri Legion, visited the
Infocamere headquarters in Padova.
InfoCamere is the company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce for digital innovation. Starting with the management of the Register of Companies – the national economic registry – it creates
technologically advanced services to support businesses and Public Administrations in order to respond to the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the face of the continuous
evolution of economic and regulatory systems
. In particular, the strengths and technologies of the Virtual Data Center, a constantly evolving system where the official data of Italian companies
is managed, were illustrated.
A data platform that is also at the forefront from the point of view of security if one considers that about 100,000 checks are carried out automatically every day. Infocamere also designs and
develops solutions to simplify the relationship between companies and Public Administration with the objective of ensuring favourable conditions for the continuous evolution and transformation of
entrepreneurial activities, acting in support of the competitiveness of the Country System.
President Mario Pozza commented on the visit: – Today’s meeting served to give the highest representatives of the Carabinieri Corps and the regional government a close-up look at the
innovative technology that Infocamere represents, with the objective of underlining its strategic value at the service of the institutions. The platforms and the wealth of data that this structure
offers constitute valuable work tools for those who operate on the territory to protect public safety.
At the same time, the ability to aggregate and correlate a growing number of information sources, together with the constant attention of the Chambers of Commerce to the quality of data, makes
InfoCamere an interlocutor of primary importance for those who, like the Region, must make fundamental programming choices for the economic and social development of the territory.

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