Roberto Crosta confirmed as Secretary General of Unioncamere Veneto

Economy - published on 04 August 2021
Source: Unioncamere del Veneto press office
The Council of Unioncamere Veneto, on the proposal of President Mario Pozza, has reconfirmed Roberto Crosta as Secretary General of Unioncamere del Veneto, the same role he
holds at the Padua Chamber of Commerce. According to the Statute, the Secretary General of the Union must be a representative of a Chamber of Commerce other than that of the president.
The decision to avail of the collaboration of a Chamber Secretary General, made for the first time in the 2018-2021 mandate, for the technical guidance of the Union has proved extremely effective,
as it has been possible to activate a concrete synergy between the provincial and regional levels, enhancing the skills and professionalism of each level, giving greater impact to the action of
Unioncamere and, therefore, of the chambers.
Unioncamere del Veneto, in its 2018-2021 mandate, has articulated its activities along three lines of action: collaboration with Veneto Region, an even more marked opening to
the European context and the definition of a complementary and integrative role, bringing added value, compared to the functions carried out by the territorial Chambers of Commerce. Among the most
significant results are the 6 protocols and 5 collaboration agreements signed at different levels on the subject of school-work alternation, sustainable development, participation in research and
technological development programmes, collaboration within the Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto macro-area (pi.lo.v.e.r.) and support in the management of contributions for
the Acqua Alta emergency in Venice
Unioncamere Veneto managed more than 2,600 responses to requests from companies and professionals on calls for tenders, funding, data, and services. On the internationalisation front, 49
European projects were developed in the three-year period for a total of 5.4 million euro
, involving 3,983 enterprises and promoting international exchange projects for over 600 young
. In particular, Unioncamere Veneto has played an essential role for enterprises during the emergency phases of Covid-19 through some initiatives such as the financing of
1563 enterprises
(worth 3 million and 565 thousand euro) for the purchase of personal protective equipment, the management of the Ristori 2020 call for over 18 million euro in total, of
which 1 million euro made available by Veneto Chambers of Commerce, which allowed to finance 13,490 enterprises.
The Secretary General, Roberto Crosta, said of his confirmation: I thank the presidents for the trust they have placed in me. In the coming years, I will work to make the Chamber
system’s closeness to businesses felt as it has done in recent years. Unioncamere Veneto will continue to work in a synergic way, guaranteeing coordination between the Chambers of Commerce and
thus taking forward the various requests of the territories. In particular, we will strive to accompany companies in this post-Covid phase, which poses important challenges, starting with the nrp.

President Pozza commented on the appointment of Roberto Crosta: It is a recognition of the work carried out by Roberto in recent years with competence and commitment, which
has enabled Unioncamere Veneto to become a point of reference for companies and to be an increasingly serious, balanced and reliable institutional interlocutor. I wish Roberto all the best
in his work and I am sure that with him we will achieve the ambitious goals we have set ourselves for this mandate. My thanks also go to the President of the Padua Chamber of Commerce, Antonio
, who has allowed Roberto Crosta to take charge of Unioncamere veneto.

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