Robotics event with Mitsubishi Electric – Confartigianato Imprese Conegliano |4 November

Tailor-made robotics solutions: from collaborative robotics to robot guidance with 3D machine vision.

Events - published on 02 November 2021
Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Conegliano
Thursday 4th November at 6pm at Cantine Collalto di Susegana – The new frontiers of mechanics explored thanks to a robotics course.
Innovating companies, with a strong injection of digital technology and at the same time offering retraining courses. This is the double challenge launched by Confartigianato Imprese Conegliano
with the training event “Tailor-made robotics solutions: from collaborative robotics to robot guidance with 3D artificial vision“. The appointment, organised in collaboration with Mitsubishi
Electric, will take place on Thursday 4 November at 6 pm at the Cantine Collalto di Susegana.
This initiative – states Conegliano president Severino Dal Bo – intends to dispel a myth: that robotics is the exclusive prerogative of large companies. This is not the case: by
now, technologies have developed proposals suitable for every size of company. This is an opportunity to be seized by the mechanics sector, which has a land of choice in the Coneglianese and Marca
Trevigiana areas.

Treviso, with its 2,526 engineering companies, is the third largest province in the Veneto region, after Vicenza and Padua. This sector employs 11,226 people in the Marca, 21% of the
regional total. The lion’s share of the business is accounted for by mechanics and subcontracting, confirming the vocation of small enterprises. There are 1,502 of them, almost 60% of the sector
in the province, with 6,653 employees. This is followed by electronics (331 companies, 1,240 workers), mechanical carpentry (330 companies, 1,373 workers), then chemicals-rubber-plastics (205
companies with 1,240 jobs), and finally building carpentry and doors and windows (158 companies, 698 workers). The engineering sector in the province, despite the pandemic-induced crisis, suffered
a marginal contraction: – 1.1%, a figure that places the Marca Trevigiana in first place for resilience among the provinces of the Veneto region.
The introduction of robotic tools, – explains president Severino Dal Bo, – can make up for the problem of labour shortages and allow companies to restructure. The wind of recovery
is also blowing strongly in the province, where there are 25,000 job vacancies, 1,580 in the mechanics sector alone.
Robotics offers an unmissable opportunity to transfer some purely mechanical tasks to machines, while assigning people, who have the know-how, to other tasks and roles. A double added value that
also allows small companies to grow in the markets, especially in the search for new development opportunities.
As well as guaranteeing high standards of safety in the workplace, limiting the risks of worker fatigue and ensuring high performance, robotics also makes it possible to offer higher quality
This course also looks at workers. It offers employment opportunities in a high-tech field, which is why it is aimed in particular at young people who want to strengthen their professionalism,
making a real leap in quality.
The meeting will be attended by:

Severino Dal Bo, President of Confartigianato Imprese Conegliano, Angelo Zanon, President of Comunità Metalmeccanica e Subfornitura Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana,
Massimo Steccanella, Sales Area Manager Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, Simone Farruggio, Product Specialist Robot Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, Alessandro
, Solution Application Engineer Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, Eng. Remo Sala, Professor at the Department of Mechanics of the Politecnico di Milano and President of the
Spin-Off of the Politecnico di Milano ISS srl.

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