Rome – Assembly of Assocamerestero Members

Opening the proceedings was the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Valentino Valentini

Events - published on 15 December 2022

Source: Press Office Assocamerestero

The Assembly of Members of Assocamerestero was held in Rome, chaired by President Mario Pozza, with the participation of Andrea Prete, President of Unioncamere, Giuseppe
, General Secretary of Unioncamere, Domenico Mauriello, General Secretary of Assocamerestero, and some members of the Assocamerestero Council. Online were The Vice-President of
Assocamerestero, Ronni Benatoff, and the Presidents and General Secretaries of the CCIEs.
Valentino Valentini, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, opened the conference: “Made in Italy is not just a brand, it is a mission and an inspiration. We
must continue to promote our know-how, craftsmanship, technology, and all the values that it is able to convey to consumers around the world, and attract foreign investment to our country thanks
also to the work of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. I give my full availability to work with the aim of increasingly strengthening the relationship between the domestic and foreign
entrepreneurial system, thus counting on the joint strength of the Italian and Italian Chamber System Abroad.”

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