Science and society in a changing world: ethical and cultural challenges

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Over the last fifty years, the world has undergone significant changes due to several catastrophes. These include the environmental crisis resulting from climate changes, which has
disrupted the ecosystem and caused horrible consequences for human and non-human lives, including a lack of food and even famine in several parts of the world. The wars that have erupted
worldwide have driven waves of refugees and migrants from less advantaged nations to search for a better life in more economically developed countries, while others are leaving their homeland
just so they might survive.
Lastly, pandemics, like Covid 19, have altered our way of living and relating to others. All these changes have led us to become a “fluid” society, which is constantly changing. This
provides new challenges for researchers from the myriad of varied disciplines: to build a sustainable global society based upon social justice.
Cristina Bettin
Chairperson at association of italian scholars and scientists, Ben Gurion University
Chaim Hames
Rector at Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel
Jeff Kaye
Vice-president for public affairs at Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel
Sergio Barbanti
Ambassador at embassy of Italy in Israel
Stefano Ventura
Scientific attache’ at Embassy of Italy in Israel

Fidelia Cascini
Professor at Catholic University del Sacro Cuore, Rome
Nadav Davidovich
Professor at ben Gurion University of the Negev
Francesca Levi Schaffer
Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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