Serbia, 20 years of activity for the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce: President Pozza’s greeting – Partnership and opportunities for North-Eastern Italy beyond the crisis

Third appointment for the President of Assocamerestero Mario Pozza with the Italian Chambers Abroad

Economy - published on 30 December 2022
Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites
Rome, 29 December 2022. After the appointment with the Italy – America Chamber of Commerce in NY, President Alberto Milani, in Spain with the Tiepolo Award of the Italian Chamber in
Spain, President Marco Pizzi, the third appointment, just a few months after his election as President of Assocamerestero, sees President Mario Pozza deliver his greetings on the occasion
of the celebration of 20 years of activity of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
I would like to congratulate President Annino De Venezia for the 20 years of activity of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and for having increased the influence of the Chamber System
Abroad, – highlights President Mario Pozza – by becoming, even in these tense times, an important Chamber of commerce that offers the opportunity to see how to strengthen and deepen
our bilateral relations, to monitor the sentiments of entrepreneurs, and to develop shared collaborations and projects to support exports of Italian companies. In my capacity as President of the
Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno and Unioncamere Veneto, I highlight the importance of the Balkans in the institutional and economic relations for north-eastern Italy.
The 20 years of existence of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce attest to the importance that Assocamerestero pours into the Balkan region – says President Annino De
. – Our members have found in the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce a solid point of reference for every need related to their business. Over the past year we have recorded a 22%
growth in new members. The full cooperation of CCIS in the Italian System in Serbia makes us protagonists of a positive change. .
Welcoming the 20th anniversary of the Italian-Serbian Chamber was the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency, Luca Gori, who expressed online his congratulations and greetings, emphasising
how the governments of both countries intend to increase economic exchange in the year to come.
During the celebrations, the Chamber of Commerce was presented with the Serbian Institution Award for its efforts to make Serbia a recognisable market economy country, with investment
opportunities, open borders and ready to join European trends in a competitive manner.


In 2021 the total weight of export to Serbia is 0.5% on the total export of the Province of Treviso.
The main export goods to Serbia are Textiles and Clothing goods (almost 13 million euros) and Footwear (almost 11 million euros). Follow Machineries (8.6 million
euros) and Furnitures (7.7 million euros).
The first item in imports is Footwear, with a value of more than €42m and accounting for 42.4% of imports from Serbia.

As far as Belluno is concerned, the weight of exports to Serbia is 0.2%.
The first export goods belongs to the Eyewear industry, with a value of over 5.3 million Euro, which weighs 54.4% of the total exports from Belluno to Serbia.
As for imports, almost 70% is represented by Machineries, with a value of 3.4 million euro.

For Veneto, the main export goods to Serbia belong to the Metallurgical industry, with 92 million euros and accounting for 21.1% of exports to Serbia.
Follow Tanning and leather processing (68.8 million euro), Textiles and clothing (almost 60 million euro) and Machineries (54.8 million euro).
More than a third of imports from Serbia concern Textiles and Clothing, with a value of almost 100 million euro.

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