Signing of an agreement for the promotion and enhancement of the labour market in the Province of Belluno

Economy - published on 16 March 2022
Source: press office of the Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Pozza: the Chamber of Commerce together with the Observatory directs a territory that wants to change together by governing the changes taking place
Treviso, 15 March 2022 – The profound changes affecting the industrial, craft, tertiary and agricultural sectors in the province of Belluno are determined not only by the increasingly marked
internationalisation of markets, but also by new technologies related to digital transformation and energy transition processes aimed at greater sustainability of development. On top of all this
are the dramatic events of war in the heart of Europe, the impact of which is causing great concern on the economy.
These changes – underlines the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti Mario Pozza – involve entrepreneurs and their collaborators, in the public and
private sector, like a single thread. I am convinced that measuring these changes, monitoring them and, on the basis of listening, developing territorial strategies, is the best way to look to the
future, even in these dramatic times of war. The round table will also be an opportunity to discuss the consequences of the war on our economy. Talking to each other and discussing possible
solutions may be a way of reducing the impact, which will in any case be significant. This is where the strength of this agreement lies: to be there, as a community, in the face of this
unimaginable turning point in history, to defend work and enterprise, which bring prosperity and therefore peace.
One of the most pressing and long-standing problems in the area is the lack of certain professional skills. There is a lack of specific figures in craftsmanship and industry capable of
allowing a generational change. And at the dawn of the Olympics, we cannot afford to miss important opportunities – says the President of the Province, Roberto Padrin. The
first step is to be able to intervene in training to meet the needs of businesses. So we welcome this agreement, which brings together all the players in the area. If we can work in perfect
synergy, we will have carried out a major operation, laying the foundations for a future of social and economic development.
The job mismatch has several causes – comments Tiziano Barone, Director of Veneto Lavoro – the most important of which are the demographic decline, due to which there
are fewer and fewer candidates available, and the inadequacy of workers’ skills compared to the profiles sought. If we can do very little about the first factor as a public employment
system, we can and must continue to invest in the retraining and updating of workers and the unemployed with targeted policies, also in conjunction with the business system and the social partners.
The Covid emergency has accentuated the phenomenon because it has affected some sectors more than others, and the conflict in Ukraine risks having consequences that are as yet
indecipherable, including from an employment point of view. This is also why it is time to strengthen our commitment.
With this agreement, the social partners, in cooperation with the public system, intend to promote actions for training and reconversion of companies and workers towards those sectors that express
the best potential and prospects for development and innovation. They will be dynamic training and conversion processes capable of always being adapted to a constantly changing economic and social
context. The intention is to ensure greater and more qualified employability of human resources and to develop the propensity to self-entrepreneurship also through the “workers buyout” – WBO tool.
In this agreement, trade union relations are the fundamental element to develop, also experimentally, forms of relations between enterprise and work that respond to the context and needs of the
territory, to increase the competitiveness of the local economy and the skills of workers.
Regione del Veneto is implementing a series of policies aiming at an overall increase of employment quality levels, intervening strategically and in a targeted way, in order to contain and
overcome the gaps between labour demand and supply that still exist, to decrease unemployment/unemployment rates, to improve public-private cooperation, to raise the professional qualification
profiles of citizens.
This agreement highlights the importance of implementing transition policies between the worlds of education and work by applying the dual learning model.
It is therefore imperative to support school guidance in line with the actual job profiles, skills and attitudes required by the productive fabric and services for businesses and individuals in
the area. The actions include strengthening the presence of ITS and IFTS courses and enhancing those already present in the area, such as the “Digital Innovation Hub” project run by the Belluno
Provincial Administration and financed with funds from the Border Municipalities.
The Signatories actively commit to:
a) encourage investments in the valorisation, retraining and reconversion of human resources, in synchrony with the programming and instruments identified by the labour policies of the Veneto
b) encourage the planning of active labour policies and outplacement actions that are more in line with and targeted to the types of professional profiles required by local companies;
c) encouraging the creation of more employment opportunities for people registered with the Job Centres by promoting the role of the ICCs in local companies in order to increase the number of job
opportunities available to users;
d) supporting companies that intend to invest in training and retraining workers, also on the basis of the needs identified by the ICCs;
e) encourage and support self-entrepreneurship processes and paths, also promoting the WBO (workers buyout) tool;
f) directing dual school/work pathways towards the skills and professional profiles most sought after by businesses;
g) encourage generational change through integrated apprenticeship and tutoring programmes, experimenting with forms of ‘generational relay’ to accompany older workers and integrate new
h) reinforcing the forecasting analysis of the state of the economy and labour and the monitoring of policies used at national and regional level.
The Underwriters of the Agreement
Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
A.P.I.A. CNA Belluno

Confagricoltura Belluno

Confapi Venezia – Delegation of Belluno

Confartigianato Imprese Belluno

Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia Belluno

Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori Belluno

Confindustria Belluno Dolomites

Confcooperative – Interprovincial Union of BL and TV

Federation. Provincial Federation of Direct Farmers Belluno

Legacoop Veneto – Territorial Office TV and BL


Order of Labour Consultants of the Province of Belluno.

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